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Wednesday, November 11, 2020


So I was going to do a post as soon as November started. Now it’s the 11th? Sheesh. I attempted at least twice to write my FABULOUS thoughts down. (Winky wink.) Something has happened to distract and deter me each time. Clearly.

TLC and I have days that simply won’t slow down. They ZOOM by. Speaking of Zoom: Every Monday morning I Zoom with 8-11 of the most AMAZING women. It’s a group of friends that have known each other for many years. They attend the Sunday School class My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I have been going to for a little over a year. 

They are a small group (BUT all the women in our class have always been invited) who have met for YEARS and YEARS every Monday morning at a Corner Bakery close to me for breakfast. I was going to start going after my hip replacement in January. When I could drive. Then, of course, along came (Insert Jaws theme here...)...The Lockdown in March. Monday Breakfast Group=OVER.

After our Precious Class President figured out how to Zoom on Saturdays so we could stay in touch and continue to learn about God and Jesus, she also suggested this small group of friends could substitute Zooming for in-person gathering. 

They invited me to join them about ten weeks ago and they have all given me such JOY! I’m the youngest. At 66. Three are in their 70s. The rest in their 80s. Y’all. They are the CUTEST. Funniest. Smartest. Wisest women/people. I do everything in my power not to miss these important chances to CONNECT with them!

MSH and I go to in-person church now. We’ve missed two Sundays in the past nine. Being there in the church builds our faith like never before!

We all so desperately need to get our lives back. With the lessons we’ve learned! And with the determination to REMEMBER said lessons. Right?

Hope each of y’all—wherever in this World you are—are healthy! Happy! Hopeful!

(TLC will be posting soon...if she can remember...)



Wednesday, October 28, 2020

A Few Favourites

So, I didn't make those gluten-free cinnamon rolls last weekend. LOL. I did, however, make the most delicious peanut butter cookies. Y'all. They are naturally GF and as easy as can be. You need to immediately click on THIS LINK and make these Salted Peanut Butter Cookies. I think during Christmas, I'll add Hershey's Kisses. These will be the new and improved Peanut Butter Blossoms. OMG.

Yesterday, I had lunch with ELC and My Sweet Dad. They make the best sandwiches and bowls of fruit. I swear, food just tastes better at their house. Afterwards, ELC and I headed to "her" Target. I had a return. Of course we ended up shopping. The Dollar Spot has the most precious Christmas goodies out. We scored adorable tea towels and jewelry organizers. The Universal Thread jeans were also on sale. They are my absolute favourite. I grabbed one pair with ELC and ended up ordering THIS PAIR in black when I got home. I picked up that pair today. FIFTEEN DOLLARS. They are yummy! ADD TO CART.

I have been devouring books lately. I've been on a big Colleen Hoover kick. (ELC, you will not like these books. Just skip this part.) Regretting You was the last one I read. I also loved November 9. I'm also a huge Taylor Jenkins Reid (Daisy Jones & The Six) and Elin Hilderbrand fan. I just finished the first two books from Elin's "Paradise" series and will download the last one ASAP. Earlier this year, I read 
The Happily Ever After Playlist. I absolutely adored it. Go ahead and add all of these to your cart, too, if you love to read! I did recommend The School of Essential Ingredients to ELC. It's delightful, and ELC has truly enjoyed it. It's a quick read and definitely one you should add to your "to be read" list for this fall/winter. It's just cozy.

THIS is my current favourite coffee creamer. It is creamy and not overly "nog-y." I am seriously considering ordering as much as I can to last me throughout the year. It's a "limited edition flavor" and won't last long. For those on the BLUE WW plan, it's one point for four tablespoons.

Tomorrow is Belle's "Costume Parade" at her preschool. She is so excited. I'll share pictures next week. Though Halloween will be a bit different this year, we are still equally jazzed about celebrating. There will be lots of candy and laughs with our friends. 2020 is virtually a dumpster fire, but I refuse to let it steal all of our joy,

It's been absolutely COLD here in our part of Texas this week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I'm headed off to snuggle under my five blankets and catch up on Real Housewives. Happy Friday Eve Eve, friends!

Thursday, October 22, 2020


It’s been a hot minute since I posted. Time for a quick update on this Friday Eve! We’re in the process of cutting cable and I just figured out how to watch my Bravo shows on our new streaming service. I’m ecstatic. I will have to bootleg ELC’s Hallmark channel, though. Which has been mildly devastating. I’m just very thankful they live so close. I mean, it’s Christmas movie season!

The weather here has been nuts. It’s been HOT this week. I’m completely over it. A cold-front pops in tomorrow. I cannot wait. I’m super tired of sweating. (Because, you know, once October hits, I’ll suffer in my long-sleeves, jeans and booties. Bring me all the fall fashion! STAT.)

Saturday I’m going to attempt a new gluten-free cinnamon roll recipe. I can’t wait to report back! There’s even homemade frosting! EEEKKK.

Last weekend, I went away for a night with two, sweet friends. We had grand intentions of napping and reading and going for a walk. We literally talked. The entire time. It was delightful and therapeutic. My only regret: We didn’t take one picture! The lake house we stayed in was beautiful. I could have stayed for a month! Weekends away with girlfriends should be mandatory—at least three times per year. Right?

Well, wow, this has been completely random. Sigh. I owe y’all a long post with a list of all of my favourite things lately—books, snacks, slippers! Can I pinkie promise to do that next week?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sunday, October 18, 2020!

So I’m that Little Baby Boomer who has fought every advancement in technology since I was 25. First I fought memory typewriters. Then I fought cell phones. (When you carried one in a bag and it was HEAVY. It was quite hilarious.) Then I fought satellite TV. (When the satellites were HUGE and ugly eyesores on your property.) Then I fought emailing. Then I fought the smaller cellphones. (I believed no one needed to be able to find me or talk to me 24/7. Still kinda think we are tooooooo obsessed with our cells.) Then I fought iPhones. Then I fought mouse-free laptop computers. Then I fought ZOOM. Boy, did I ever fight ZOOM.

My Sweet Hubby and I still don’t do Netflix. Or have any other “streaming” (Is that the right word?) services. We haven’t had HBO forever and ever. We don’t even have Amazon Prime. (Yes. It’s true. And, surprisingly, we’re still alive and sort of well. Winky. Wink.)

But I can ZOOM! (I’ve not been a Zoom “host” and can’t see that happening anytime in the future.) In fairness to TLC, I ZOOM because of her and her technology expertise. Without her? I’d continue to be Zoom-impaired. I’d be that Little Old Grammy saying: No. Sorry. I don’t do that. Don’t know how. Thanks for askin’!

I’d sincerely appreciate it if we could all sit still for a while and not have to “update” or “upgrade” ANYTHING or have all new stuff dumped on us anytime soon. Let’s say five years.

‘K? Deal?

New week tomorrow! New opportunities. New goals. New challenges. New surprises! Let’s all embrace the excitement and BE HAPPY and KIND!