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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coochie Coo

There are “It’s Spring!” babies everywhere! I adore driving to town, Granbury, Weatherford, Fort Worth or Dallas—because this time of year there’s a guarantee I’m going to see at least one new baby animal—usually several/many.

Colts, calves, llamas, goats, lambs, turkeys, quail, dove, ducks. I don’t know of many things in our lives that are cuter and more hopeful and amazing than babies.

We’ve had calves and we always have lots o’ baby birds, bunnies and fawns. We’ve seen plenty of baby raccoons and possums at our place. Last year my Hubby even saw twin baby bobcats. They were standing on a wall by his truck. He was surprised and thrilled! By the time he tried to quietly reach our back door—so he could get my attention and I could also marvel at them—they sauntered off and up onto the hill behind our home. I did see a small bobcat slinkin’ around our back patio a few months later. Could have been one of the twins. It was awesome.

Sorry to have to admit this (although I have a feeling I shan’t be alone): I’m not big on mouse, rat, armadillo or rattlesnake babies. Yuck. Double Yuck. Triple Yuck. And Yikes. I’d add skunks to that list, but have you ever seen little baby skunks scurrying after their Mama? Lined up in a row? Precious. Darnnit. Just seeing babies can bring tears to my eyes. I have a picture to show you now that probably won’t choke you up. It could, however, make you say: “Awww.” Or, perhaps “Is she kiddin’? Does she have both of her oars in the water?” Oh, well, here we go. Drum roll, please:

image of cactus babies via ELC
taken on Monday of this week

image via ELC
taken today of the growin' bambinos
my!  look how big they're gettin'!

Are they the cutest things ever? TLC thinks they’re creepy. Who asked her?

If you’d told me twelve years ago I would live in the country and adore cactus/i/uses, I would have laughed and said: “What are you smokin’?”  I simply had no interest. Unfortunately, there’re only about ten plants/flowers I can grow with success (even though My TLC believes I’m a great gardener—ssshhhhhh—don’t tell her I’m really not). When Hubby and I moved to the sticks, I began to understand how important it was going to be to landscape with native plants, shrubs and grasses—heat-tolerant plants which, of course, include cactus. I began to look at cactus in a whole new way. They started looking really good. I’ve definitely learned to appreciate the value of virtually maintenance-free vegetation.

Once I discovered the option of making cacti part of my landscape plan, I asked Hubby to dig several up from out in our pastures and transplant them in our front garden. Little, big, prickly, non-prickly, flowering, non-flowering—I love and covet ‘em all. I even buy small, colorful cacti from Wally World or Home Depot and plant them in pots on my front porch.

Try to imagine my sheer amazement the first time I saw “babies” on my cactus! I actually don’t know what happens to them, because they don’t always live and become a leaf. (Is “leaf” the right word? Guess I need TLC-pedia to clarify—if she’s not too traumatized.) Anyway, about a third make it to become bee—you—tee—ful!

And, like any proud parent, I take lots o’ pictures! I drag Hubby outside when one has an extra large number of sprouts. He just nods, smiles and congratulates me. Then wanders off—mumbling to himself. I can guess what that’s about. It’s okay—I ignore it. I don’t let anyone dampen my utter joy.

We’ve been thrilled over the years to welcome seven grandchildren to our family. Believe me when I unashamedly tell you they’re all cutie-patooties! Two of our grands will be here this Easter weekend. I’ll try to let them get a bit settled in before I drag them around to see all of the new babies. They won’t think they’re creepy, Aunt TLC. Sheesh.

Hoppy Easter to All Y’all!


The Leightons said...

In the words of Julia Sugarbaker:

Have you COMPLETELY lost your mind?


The Leightons said...

Yes. Yes, I have, Suzanne. It's only going to get worse from here on out--we all know it. Deal. You better tell me how cute they are when you get here this evening. I'm not above withholding all my home-cooked food from you. LOL.


Taylor said...

Can I please add to the list of "triple yuck" baby armadillos, rats and lizards. I DO NOT like lizards. Period. And imagine my disgust when we discovered a lizard in our front yard had dug a hole and laid not one, not ten, but TWENTY-TWO little white eggs (if I hadn't seen the actual lizard I would have thought the Easter bunny had left me a present of 22 white jelly beans). Of course I made hubby dig up the eggs and promptly move them....across the street.

The Leightons said...


Bless your heart. Yes, you can have a Triple ZILLION Yuck on behalf of your unwanted lizard eggs. I kind of shivered as I read this.

But how sweet are you? You decided to spare the future baby lizards--rather than destroy them. And even though you don't like them. (An early "Happy Mom's Day" to the Mama Lizard.) I'm almost positive you're a better person than I've ever even hoped to be.

Hubby saw a 4-foot bull snake over at our Barn this morning. I honestly think it scared the you-know-what out of him! It could have spent the night with Cobbler and Morty--Morty was acting kind of strange all day yesterday and has stayed away from there all day today. I'm grateful it wasn't a rattler!

Hope you and your Guys have an Extra-ordinary Easter!


Autumn said...

I will agree with the yucky rats, mice and 'dillers. But I love all my little lizards that live on my patio and help keep my window screens bug-free every night. They're really quite sweet and look like they really listen when I talk to them! Yep, I'm crazy.

The Leightons said...


You know I don't think you're even CLOSE to cRaZy! Isn't that just the beauty of life? You like lizards--Taylor (and I) DON'T. It's all good. I'm remembering Lauren had a little lizard at her house that she had even named? TLC may remember what it was. And TLC had a lizard or two, I believe. Not sure they talked to them, but maybe they did and didn't admit it, like brave you! You Go, Girlfriend!