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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Yeehaw for Y'all!

To give you some background for this Yeehaw: I’ve listened to 96.3 KSCS FM Country Radio in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for about 30 years. Twenty-three years ago, I became addicted to their morning show: Dorsey and the Gang. Terry Dorsey and Mark “Hawkeye” Louis absolutely, positively tickle me to the extreme. I laugh just hearing both of them laugh—especially Terry.

Rebecca was an integral part of the show for almost ten years. She shared her feminine touch with class and style. She has a fantastic radio voice (not to mention a beautiful singing voice). Her talent, charm, humor, and spunk all helped her hold her own with all the guys (including Brother Van and Michael-Scott-in-the-Traffic-Helicopter). She recently decided to stay at home with her children. I don’t blame her one bit—but thousands of us miss her terribly.

Sooo. . .my first exposure to Four Day Weekend (FDW), an improvisational comedy troupe, came several years ago when Dorsey and the Gang had two or three members of the cast as guests one morning. Hawkeye was going to be in their show that weekend. But I had not a clue who they were. They were beyond hysterical. I literally watched my radio for about three hours.

It took me another year before I finally got to one of their incredible shows. They take place in a small, quaint theatre in Sundance Square—downtown Fort Worth. They do two performances on Friday and Saturday nights and . Can you guess what time I go? Yep. You can. I get it—sad. The shows last about an hour and half. Tickets, as of today, are $20 each. There are no “Reserved” seats, so take it from someone who now has attended four times (TLC has gone three times herself!)—get there 30 minutes early for the middle section—although I promise you there is not one bad seat in the entire theatre.

The six uber talented guys who make up FDW are David Ahearn, David Wilk, Ray Sharp, Oliver Tull, Frank Ford and Joshua Roberts. Sometimes they have a “guest” comedian/performer filling in for one of them (like Hawkeye)—and this person never disappoints (I do find myself missing whoever is not there that night!). The interaction with the audience is something you must experience—it simply cannot be adequately described.

One of the things I adore about the FDW guys is they aren't rude, crude or inappropriate. I’ve never heard them even utter a 4-letter word. They are silly, sharp, unique—full of feistiness, edgy-ness and honesty. There is an age restriction: you have to be 18 or older to attend. I just barely pass, thank goodness.

Visit their website:  It is,  in and of itself, magically marvelous! You can order your tickets on-line (which I advise) or get them at the box office the night you want to go (if they haven’t sold out—which is always a possibility). Seriously, if you live anywhere near Fort Worth, or you’re going to be in Fort Worth, you MUST allow yourself to experience their silly shenanigans. Heck, you need to go to Fort Worth from wherever you are to see this show. BTW: Sundance Square is full of great shopping, hotels and restaurants.

I’d like to thank Dorsey and the Gang for sharing Four Day Weekend with the World. All of you ROCK.

Yeehaw and smooches!

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