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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Preface:  I realize today is Saturday, but I thought I would recap last weekend with y'all. It's cloudy outside. I'm in my comfy yoga pants and one of my favorite tees ELC purchased for me in Canton. I’m procrastinatin’ laundry and cleanin’. So, here goes:

Last weekend was lovely. We had ZERO plans. In my book, that's the perfect way to recoup from the hum-drum of the work week. Saturday, I woke up extra early. My dearest friend, Lauren, asked if I wanted to join her and her sweet Hubby in a 5k to raise awareness/money/hope for a very worthy cause. Notice I didn't say run in a 5k. We don't run. We walk (at a brisk pace), chatting, commenting on attire, and looking at cute babies (including "fur" babies). It was the best way to jumpstart a Saturday. I was invigorated and motivated.

After the 5k, I knew this would be THE day I would purchase my new computer. I had been delaying this action for several months because:

1. I'm not always good with change. I decided five months ago I would get a Mac. I've been a PC Girl since the beginning of my "computer age." The thought of a conversion was intimidating. Apparently there's no "right click." I right click. A lot.

2. I'm a lazy procrastinator. I figured it would take some time to learn my new computer and Hubby and I have been uber busy. Any free time I've had has been spent catching up on my DVR (two new favorite shows: The Voice {Who else just discovered how yummy Adam Levine is?} and Happy Endings {Thank you, ELC. Hysterical. Must. Blog. About. Soon.}).

AND, I need to be completely honest:

3. I heart catching up on naptime zzz's. Yep. I like to sleep.  It's a hobby of mine.

The fresh air from the morning's 5k had done me a world of good. Cleared the cobwebs from my mind. I was rarin' to complete my new computer task/dream/purchase. I loaded my ginormous, 50-pound PC tower (I might be exaggerating. But makes for a better story. Plus, I don't feel so much like a wimp since it bruised my hip after a mere two minutes of carrying it through the mall) into my car and headed to the land of "pretty and shiny things for sale."

I was certain I'd want Apple Peeps to transfer my files from my circa 1999 desktop to a new and totally hip laptop. Goodness knows I would have zero clue how to do that. If you haven't already deducted from past confessions, I'm not technologically savvy in the least bit. Of course, the "transferring" cost me extra. Money/clams/moo-la, that is. Go figure. However, it also came with a few "tutorial classes." I was thrilled! Someone to teach me how to use my new toy. Versus reading some silly manual. I signed up for the Sunday afternoon class immediately.

Saturday evening, Hubby took me on a date to the most delish Greek restaurant in our ‘burb. It's BYOB, too. We enjoyed our scrumptious dinner and bottle of wine as we discussed things we would have done differently in college. There were a lot. Yikes. We decided this is why you have kids. To make them do things differently/be smarter than you. Then we realized our parents probably thought the same thing, right? We know how that turned out. We laughed. Swore we would just lie to our kids about all we did/didn't do. That must be the way parenting really works. Not that either of us did anything (too) illegal. Kidding. We ended our date at Walgreens. Hubby bought me some Gummi Bears. For dessert, of course. He’s a keeper.

Sunday morning I woke up still motivated to protect the productive vibes I had experienced the day before. I threw some orange rolls (one of Hubby’s all-time favorite breakfasts) in the oven. Whipped up some delicious Mounds Brownies (Recipe courtesy of Aunt Robbie. Oh. My. Sinful. I'll post soon.) and headed to the grocery store. For a couple of weeks now, my amazing friend, January, and I have been swapping tasty (and EASY) recipes to encourage each other to do more cooking at home. We call it our "fresh food movement." I think I might have stolen that from the Naked Chef. Oh well. We're still ordering t-shirts and startin' a club (membership dues will be nominal). LOL. She had emailed me a recipe she found on a blog for lemon chicken you cook in a Crockpot. Crockpot = SIMPLE. While grocery shopping, I picked up my little 4-pound "fryer" and all the necessary ingredients.

Now comes the super gross part. Did y'all know they keep the gizzards of the chicken where the sun don't shine? (I wouldn't know about this since ELC has never cooked a whole chicken – or a turkey – in my lifetime. Or her's. My Dad's in charge of Thanksgiving. AND, the recipe did not mention this step.) I had to pull horrible things out of that bird. Things I can't even type. Yet, I was so proud of myself. I totally rocked it. I felt like Martha Freakin' Stewart. The more gizzards I withdrew, the more resolve I had to make this the best dang lemon chicken in the world (I'll share this recipe soon, too.). That bird owed me.

After I threw the poultry into the CP, I headed back to the Apple store for my class. It was like the first day of school. Eeekkkk! I took notes as the nice Apple employee taught me and my classmates how to turn the computer on, check email and surf the ‘net. Score. Mission: Accomplished. That’s all I really need to know how to do on the computer. I’m not usually an over-achiever.

Sunday was concluded with a super delectable dinner. It turned out pretty dadgum good. If I do say so myself. All-in-all, I give last weekend two thumbs up! Despite the gizzards. What fun/challenges/mysteries await Hubby and I this weekend? Hmmm. Can't wait!

P.S. If you made it to the end of this LONG and random post, you win an award! Go treat yourself to a mini cupcake.  On moi.


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The Leightons said...

How can I adequately express my pride in my daughter and her ever-expanding Chef-etteness? Yet, at the same time, I can't even believe you touched those innards and gizzards, Silly TLC. Why, oh why, could you not buy chicken breasts for your crockpot? LOL.

Truly, YOU DO ROCK, TLC STEWART! Woo Hoo! You Go, Girlfriend!!!

Your (Amazed) Mom