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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Yummy For Y'all

Five words:  Water For Elephants – The Movie

Oh! And two more:  Robert Pattinson

image via Vanity Fair
this image clearly speaks for itself

Swoon. That should be all it takes to get your tookus (aka:  tush) to the theater. Like yesterday.

Last Saturday, ELC and I spent the most perfect day with three of the loveliest ladies – January, Lillie and Robbie. January and I have been friends for nearly five years. She was my first buddy at my new (and current) job. Lillie is January's Mom. Robbie is Lillie's sister. They are now my adopted "Auntees." ELC and I adore these women. They are gorgeous, crafty, smart, witty, funny, and treasure RPattz, to boot. What more could you want in dear friends? January also has a beautiful, precious and absolutely angelic baby girl that I love. I'm her "Aunt T," and for that I'm truly honored.

We decided we'd meet at the movies mid-morning. The tickets were only $5/each! Not quite as economical as the little theater in my home town, but still outstanding for my suburb of Big D. In fact, the popcorn Auntee L purchased cost more than the tickets! We got a good chuckle from that and Mom's monstrosity of a "small" diet soda.

We settled into our cozy seats, impatiently waiting for the movie to begin. OMG – there were 1000 previews. I thought Auntee R might start throwing her popcorn at the screen if she didn't see her RPattz STAT. LOL. Once the movie (finally) began, we were all transfixed. It transported us to a magical world of secrets, murder, love, danger, and, of course, the circus. Queenie, the Jack Russell terrier, and Rosie, the big, beautiful and brainy pachyderm, were incredibly FUN to watch. (Side note:  Do you think Hubby would let me get a smallish elephant for our backyard?) It was a magnificent movie (even though there were a few tough scenes). Not a chick flick in the least! (I heard Pepper, a SPECIAL friend who lives in Houston, went to see WFE with her hubby, who also read the book! Wow – he gets lots o' MAJOR points for both of those efforts, right?) You ladies need to drag your fellas to see it. Better yet, make them take you! Tell them it's about a war. With lots of "shoot 'em up" scenes. And robots. And aliens. And really mean, thirsty elephants.

(Disclaimer:  I only condone lying when it's positively necessary.)

I'm not just partial when I say this, but I feel RPattz was truly perfect for the role of Jacob. He became Jacob. He WAS Jacob. It's a very different role from his sparkly Edward. Nonetheless, he "shines" even brighter (pun intended). My fav gal, Reese, was darling as Marlena. Her costumes were to-die-for. Christoph Waltz (the scary man from Inglorious Basterds – no, ELC, not spelled wrong) played another frightening man, August, and brilliantly. Wow. I was left (nearly) speechless.

After the movie, we simply HAD to continue our "Girls' Day Away" at Cheesecake Factory. We were definitely "ladies who lunch." The waitress couldn't dynamite us from the booth. We were glued to it for over two hours. The "crown" of the eventful day was the scrumptious cheesecake:  Dulce de Leche AND Chocolate Coconut Cream. My mouth is salivating as I type this. Those deserve their own "yummy."

I can promise you this:  you will be remiss if you don't see this wonderful piece of cinematography. Thank you, January, Auntee L and Auntee R, for being the best movie dates – EVA.

Here's lookin' at you, RPattz!

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