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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Duck… Duck…

You thought I might be heading toward “Goose.” Right?

No. Duck… Duck… SIXTY DUCKS. On our tank. Last week.

Monday, December 5th, there were about 25. Then they told some friends and on Tuesday, December 6th, there were approximately 50. Then they told a few more friends and on Wednesday, December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day—I don’t think there was any connection), there were at least SIXTY (60).

See the polka dots on the tank?
Those are The Ducks!
This picture was taken from our front porch.

Y’all remember how much we wanted ducks to land on our tank—when we first moved to the country? And I thought three duck decoys were real ducks—because I’d forgotten Hubby had put them out there? (See Fake? On April 26th.) Ever since that time, we’ve patiently watched, year after year, for ducks to appear. Usually we’ll see three to six ducks. And we’ve been deeply grateful for those sightings!

Hubby first spotted The Ducks. He came in the back door from work that quiet Monday afternoon, hollering:

“Go look out the front windows!”

“For what?” I came runnin’, a little worried and, to be honest, slightly scared.

“Just go look at the Big Tank!” he excitedly shouted. (Our Big Tank is actually not big at all, but it’s bigger than our Front Tank and that’s how we distinguish the two when talking about them. Sometimes the Big Tank is also the Catfish Tank. We have lots o’ big fish in that thar tank.)

So I looked. There they were. Ducks—and lots of them. I counted at least 25. Swimming happily around the Big Tank.

On Tuesday, I raced down in Hubby’s Jeep to try to get pictures. That was cRaZy. As I approached the tank, the majority of the ducks flew off. Even with my camera ready and me trying to stealthily surprise them, they couldn’t be tricked. (Well, except for a few small “stragglers.”) They’d fly off. That, in and of itself, was magnificent! TLC, my photo editor, said those pictures were not usable. Darnitall.

I do realize this event might not seem exciting to many of you. Maybe most of you? Especially you Younguns. When you’ve lived on this Earth for getting closer to sixty years than you want to accept, there’s not much you can think of that you really want or need. If someone gave me a diamond Rolex with a lapis face? I’d take it. Of course. Or a Lexus GX460? Uh, duh. I’m not a fool. I simply don’t obsess over material items. Seeing new, different and wonderful places and things? Experiencing the fun of travel and/or meeting fabulous new friends? Those things thrill me. Hearing, with my one ear that works, the laughter of My Hubby or TLC or a grandchild, or the sound of a great Country song, or the birds singing outside my home office window? What I live for and all exquisitely DIVINE. They are Gifts from God that I gratefully receive with a humble heart.

So I’ve already “opened” two early Christmas presents:

The first one came from our wonderful Veterinarian—Dr. Noah. She saved our 11-year-old cat, Cobbler, from a possibly terminal fate. This is the third time in four years she’s been determined to keep him alive and healthy. On Thanksgiving Day, I was certain he’d have to be put to sleep. Six days later, he was on the road to being healed. As was my heart—and soul.

The second gift came on Monday, December 5th—when Hubby saw The Ducks.

These pictures just don't do the experience justice!

Thank you, God, for all Blessings. Great and Small. For husbands and daughters and family and friends and cats and dogs and ducks and Texas and America and this BEAUTIFUL World.


p.s. They were completely gone by Thursday morn. Without a trace. Like they were never there. I wish they could’ve told me where they’d come from and where they were going. Well, South. Yes, yes I know. But where exactly South? I'll pray they come back next year. I'll be waiting. Anxiously!

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