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Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Happy New Year's Eve YEEHAW for Y'all!

Can we even wrap our heads around the fact that 2012 is tomorrow? Seriously?

A year ago this past September, I discovered the book Glynis Has Your Number, by Glynis McCants (see She’s Got Your Number, Babe-y! in June). I shared my thoughts on Numerology and Astrology in that post. I love getting Glynis’ monthly email newsletters and, in one of those, learned about “The Glynis Has Your Number Numerology Calendar.” I ordered TLC and I both one for 2011.

This would be the PERFECT time to pick up her book—so you can figure out your Life Path Number. This is the number you’d use to order a 2012 calendar. You can also visit Glynis’ website and order an Individual Reading.

The calendar tells you what the numbers look like for each day of the year—in  regard to your specific Life Path Number. I’m a 6. TLC and Her Hubby are both 5s. My Hubby is a 4 (although he keeps trying to make himself a 7!) I didn’t get the Hubbies a calendar. I had/have an intuition they’d never consult them. But each day, TLC and I check to see if we’re going to have an “Extra Sunny” Day, “Great” Day, “Good” Day or “Challenge” Day. Glynis suggests you use this information to help you make some decisions in your life, like setting up important appointments, including surgeries.

If you know, in the morning, that the day you’re about to face is a “Challenge” Day, you can remind yourself to be extra-cautious. To slow down. To focus. To think twice. Or three times—before making critical assumptions or choices.

To me, as a Christian, it’s about using every possible philosophy and ancient theory/science to enhance my life experience. Consulting Glynis’ calendar each day reminds me I’ve been given an opportunity to be a valuable member of our World. It helps me remember to be patient, hopeful, cautious and, most of all, grateful.

To find out more about Glynis, her books, her readings and this FUN calendar, go to

Have a Safe, Happy, and Fabulous New Year’s Eve!


Champagne Hugs and Caviar Smooches...

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