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Monday, May 7, 2012

A New Look!

Everyone/thing needs an update, right? Yes, yes we/it do/does. Homes. Wardrobes. Maybe even our lifestyles. {Please, however, don’t think ELC’s hairdo needs a change. Because, despite Kit’s (ELC's hairstylist for 26 years) extraordinary efforts, she can’t convince E to give up her hot rollers. Medium? Short? Longer-ish? E’s hair always looks the same. Blonde and Big.}

ELC had been bugging TLC to find a blog designer since our one year blogiversary on January 9, 2012. TLC, being preggers for the first time, basically ignored her mother. In a sweet, yet quite dismissive, way. Finally, E took matters into her own hands. She contacted someone both of the LCs adore: Ruthanne at Eclectic Whatnot. If you’ve never visited her blog, you simply must. Her humor and honesty will get right into your soul. Trust us.

Ruthanne, being the kind young woman she so genuinely is, got right back to ELC and gave her Danielle’s info.

After going to Danielle’s website, Take Heart, and sending her some preliminary questions, ELC ordered what Danielle suggested. In a matter of three days, VOILA! Our new design!

We are OVER THE MOON happy! It is everything we hoped for—and more. Much, much more. (We’ve been trying to cut down on our exclamation points lately—just overall—even in emails to each other—it’s kind of a bad habit we both have. When we talk about Danielle and our new design? IMPOSSIBLE!!!)

If you ever require (or just desire!) design work, please visit Danielle’s website. Look at her Portfolio. Some of her other services include: business cards, Twitter and Facebook cover photos (ELC has no clue what this means—however, she and CeeCee plan to have Twitter accounts—soon—therefore, she’s confident they’ll need whatever the heck this is), photocards and invitations. Read Danielle’s blog. It is charming, sweet, touching--exceptionally exquisite.

THANK YOU to Ruthanne for her fabulous recommendation. Merci and GRAZIE to Danielle—from the bottom of The Leightons’ hearts. Because of both of you, these Texas Gals are on Cloud 33 (ELC’s favourite number, you know) in Blogger’s Heaven. Yes, yes it is a real place. (Okay—perhaps only in our minds—but that should count, Sillies.)

Thanks to YOU—for stopping by. Please come back to see us soon…

ta-ta for now . . .


danielle @ take heart said...

you all are SO sweet. thank you for making me smile so big just now. happy blogging!!

Ruthanne said...

It is so lovely here! Just like the two of you.

The Leightons said...

Good Wednesday Morn, Ruthanne and Danielle!

Thank you very much for your kind comments. We sincerely meant every word we said about you two Sweethearts. Every single last word. In fact, we didn't say enough. We ADORE you both...truly.

We're deeply grateful you stopped by and took time to send us your messages! Come back for a visit soon...

Love and Hugs,