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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why I Love Target

Can you ever go into a Target and not spend extra moolah on something fun and frivolous? I find it virtually impossible.

I love Target for many reasons. The affordability. The variety. The quality. When ELC was visiting over Mother's Day weekend, our first stop was to, you guessed it, Target! It started out innocently enough. I simply needed to return a tank that was a smidge itchy.

"Well, we're already here. It wouldn't hurt to browse. Just for a few. Don'tcha think?" I sweetly asked ELC.

She was eager to oblige. The closest Target to her house is 45 minutes away.

We began by perusing the maternity section. I have recently deemed all pants (most especially jeans) horridly uncomfortable. They're beyond hot, and I refuse to wear them. Thus began my endless (well, it should end sometime around July 24th) search for cooler, summery dresses. Something flattering. That doesn't make me look too blimp-ish. Though I have found that's becoming increasingly challenging as my baby hump (formerly bump) becomes rounderer. (I doubt this has anything to do with my recent addiction to Oreos.)

Somewhere along the way of our "brief browsing," we ended up in the bedding. And there she was! The most fabulous quilt I HAD TO HAVE. Rightthatsecond. There was one Full/Queen left. I took that as a sign. It was destined to be mine.

As many of you will agree—a bed is much like a woman. It needs accessories. AKA: PILLOWS! My husband hates pillows of the decorative kind. He doesn't get them. He thinks everything should have a purpose. A function. If he isn't "allowed" to actually lay his head on a pillow, why, then, must we own it? I always have a simple answer: Because it's pretty. That's why. End of discussion.

Now, for the BIG REVEAL:

Ta-da! I already owned the yellow pillow (a previous Target purchase, naturally). It was residing in "ELC/Grammy’s Room” at our casa. I consider those “savings” rather frugal of me, right? Totally.

I heart Target.  Don't you?  Yes, yes you do.


Megs said...

I had to restrict my target shopping... I won't take a credit card or debit card in, just cash so that's all I have to spend! Lol I have absolutely NO self control at target. I need an intervention or a support group of some kind.

The Leightons said...
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The Leightons said...


I'm nothing if not determined! Yes, you commented almost a month ago. We are always sooo grateful for feedback. Always! Life is literally flying by my face and all I seem to be able to do is blink. Well, and open my mouth in shock and awe. What? It's almost July? Huh?

I wanted to say what a GREAT suggestion: taking cash only into Target. My Sweet Hubby would LOVE this!

And I like the support group idea! OTSA. Obsessed Target Shoppers Anonymous. I'm in. I'm signing TLC up, too. She needs it worse than moi.

THANK YOU! Love and Hugs...