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Sunday, June 24, 2012


Howdy, y'all!  My!  How I've missed you.  It's been FAR too long since we last visited.

With Little Leighton's grand arrival quickly approaching, I've been a busy bee.

Decorating the nursery:

were both HANDMADE by the beyond talented
and generous, Aunt Lillie.
Little Leighton's first heirlooms!

ELC and I are FAR from Martha-status,
but we did "foof" up her lamp by adding lace
and wrapping the cord with fun, grosgrain ribbon.

Washing teeny, tiny clothes that completely fill her closet:

Folding little socks and washing little onesies is WAY more fun than doing my own laundry or Hubby's.
I'll need to do an entirely separate post showcasing some of her new outfits.

Oh!  And wearing muu-muus.  Lots of muu-muus.  It's HOT in Texas.  So very, very hot.

Fashion Tip #1:
Adding a cardi to your muu-muu can take it from day to dinner at Sonic.
P.S.  Why, yes!  That is the infamous makeup shirt in the background.

And I couldn't resist sharing these positively PRECIOUS shoes LL was gifted:

The pink GLITTER TOMS are from sweet Autumn.
The LEOPARD ones are from darling Pepper.
When she's not wearing these,
they will be on display in the nursery.


Autumn said...

The nursery is divine. And it looks like you won't have to buy any more clothes until she graduates from high school! Good job, girl.

The Leightons said...

Since I'm TLC's Official Assistant, I will offer her (and my!) THANKS for your kind words. We can't wait for you to see the nursery in person, some time soon. AND Little Leighton--when she makes her arrival!!!

Hugs, Sweet Friend...
Grammy ELC