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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yep, it’s us. We’re still here. Because we haven’t done a “letter” post lately, it seemed like the perfect TIME to do “T!” (TLC agreed—TOTALLY.) And it's Thursday!

Fasten your seatbelts, we’re about to TAKEOFF:

DO BE: Trusting; THOUGHTFUL; TACTFUL; THANKFUL; Tranquil; TANTALIZING; Terrific; a Trendsetter; TRIUMPHANT; Tactical; TENTATIVE (that’s not always a bad thing, you know); TIDY and Thrifty!

DON’T BE: TYPICAL; a Thug; Tacky; TERRIBLE (especially to yourself); a Tattletale (no one likes that!); TWERPY (is that a 60s kind o’ word?); Tardy (for the party!); TAUDRY; TIMID; Thickheaded; TIPSY (unless you have a designated driver) or in a Tizzy; Tedious; THREATENING; TWO-FACED; a TOOT; or a Two-Timer. Or TYRANNIC.

Don’t have: A TEMPER.

While you’re wearing your TIARA: TWIRL! Twinkle! Wear TAFFETA! Watch the TELLY! Play Tiddlywinks and jump on a TRAMPOLINE! Twiddle and TWIST (but don’t shout!) Pick TULIPS and paint your TOENAILS Teal! Have a Tete-a-Tete with someone from TEXAS (maybe a TYCOON? Or us? We’re not TYCOONS. Just being real.)!

Plan a trip to: Thailand; TIBET; Tahiti (our first choice!); TUNISIA; Tanzania; Topeka; TALLAHASSEE; Turkey; TONGA; TOBAGO; or Tasmania (look out for that devil!). Go by TRAIN to some TOWN that has no TRAFFIC and ride a TROLLEY.

Use a Tablespoon of TARAGON, Thyme and Tabasco in your TACOS and Tamales. Use wheat TORTILLAS (healthier, of course!)! TASTE Tapioca; TOMATOES (extremely good for you!); Taffy; and TAGALONGS (Girl Scouts Everywhere will love you!).

Watch out for: TYPHOONS; Tornadoes; TERMITES; TOXIC Takeovers; TUMBLES; Turtles (ELC’s word for slow peeps); TELETHONS; Tigers (that are loose); TARANTULAS (Who cares if they can’t really hurt you—seriously? They are TREMENDOUSLY TROUBLING!); Ticklers (unless you don’t mind being Tampered with); TANTRUMS (of which Little Leighton shall have none); Tiny THESPIANS (they can make you TIRED); and THIRSTY, Tequila-drinkin’ THIEVES (work with us, okay?)!

Don’t read TABLOIDS. Do do TAICHI. Don’t get in a TAILSPIN. Buy a new TEAPOT. Learn new TECHNOLOGY. Notice TEXTURE. Enjoy a THUNDERSTORM. Be TOGETHER Tonight with Thous Truly TREASURED darlin’ (sorry—brain can’t pull a “t” word for that…getting TIRED!).

Learn how to play a: Trombone; TUBA; Tambourine; TRIANGLE (remember those from kindergarten?); or TRUMPET. You might get a TROPHY!

TOMORROW…Don’t suck your THUMB. THRIVE. Think! TACKLE Tough TRANSITIONS. Wear TURQUOISE or TOPAZ. Don’t listen to Trashy TRIVIA. Be a TRAILBLAZER. Read about a THOROUGHBRED. Give a TISSUE to someone in TEARS (you get the broader meaning, right?). Start a TRADITION. Avoid TRAGEDY. Suck in your TUMMY. Read all one Trillion TWILIGHT books (Tee hee hee!).

That’s That! TOUCHE! Tada!

And Ta-Ta. . . for now. . .


Autumn said...

We are so THANKFUL that you've TAKEN TIME to return to us. You were TERRIBLY missed!

The Leightons said...

What would we do without you, Ms. Autumn, to encourage us?

We don't know. We just don't know.

ELC and TLC (and Little Leighton!)