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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just Humour Me... Again!

What I did today:

1.  Changed Little Leighton's (very) dirty diaper in a Walgreens parking lot.
2.  Bre@stfed her in a Walmart parking lot.

Do you notice a theme?

After those two experiences, I think it's only fair that you humour me, once again, and let me inundate your computer screen with photos of my Sweet Angel.

Here we go!

I could look into those big, beautiful eyes every second of every day.

A few "outtakes" from our One Month Photo Shoot:

This isn't comfy, Mom.
Even in the name of fashion.

Seriously, Mom.


Teddy Buddy Boo Bear being a most excellent "babysitter."
(Truth be told:  He's eyeing her paci.  He thinks it's a toy.)

Posing for the camera!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week!

1 comment:

The Leightons said...

Dear Little Mama/TLC:

I do think it's important to point out that you weren't dragging Little Leighton to Walgreens and Walmart today schlepping their aisles for specials while Your Sweet Hubby watched football. It would have been great if you'd shared we were traveling from your casa to our casa. (TLC's next-door neighbors are scheduled to get a new roof tomorrow. We thought it might be nice for Little Leighton's nerves if she could come stay a few days at Grammy and Pa-Dad's. Away from the pounding noise. TLC and Her Sweet Hubby got a new roof a few weeks before Little Leighton arrived and the noise was awful/horrible/horrendous/terrible/deafening. Could have caused her extra sensitive "startle" reflex, me fears.

So, as we headed out on our 2-hour trek to the country, Little Leighton decided to have a poopy diaper. Hence the Ft. Worth Walgreen's we made a run (no pun intended) to. Needing a few groceries before getting to my casa, we stopped 25 minutes later at said Wally World. I was in the store for a record 9 minutes. Just long enough for TLC to encourage Little Leighton to make it 50 more minutes in her carseat by bribing her with her human pacifier.

Thank you for allowing me to clarify your reasons for posting more pictures of Our Precious Angel.

Now we're home and settling in to a quiet two days of R&R! Yippee!

I love My Girls!

Hugs and Smooches,