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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Seriously? September?

And Sunday, the 2nd? Sheesh.

TLC and I would like to SUGGEST that, as you START this new month, you be:

Sociable; self-assured; SPIFFY; saint-like; SYMPATHETIC; skillful; SIGNIFICANT; spunky; SELECTIVE; sagacious (yep—look it up!); SILLY (why not?); SASSY; sophisticated; SCRUPULOUS; scholarly; SERENE; and self-confident.

PLEASE DON’T BE: scruffy; SHADY; a scaredy-cat; SCANDALOUS; sloppy; SAUCY; sinister; SLOSHED; sarcastic; SMELLY; showoffy; SELFISH; sedentary; SCORNFUL; salacious (another one to look up?); SHIFTY; a scamp; a SKEPTIC; sour; STERN; or scary (even though it is close to Halloween.).

Think about eating some seafood like SHRIMP, sardines (YUCK), or SALMON (TLC loves…ELC hates). Or how about going to a scrumptious SMORGASBORD of spinach, STEAK, spaghetti, SAUERKRAUT, and squash? You could have a sarsaparilla (did you realize that first “r” was there?), or SANGRIA. Watch your SALT. How about a SCOOP of sherbet or some SCONES or strawberry shortcake? We love to SNACK on spuds, SAMMICHES, salads, SOUFFLES, and salty SALSA.

VISIT: Santa Barbara (and those Piggy PJ Ladies!), Santa Fe (TLC’s fav), SALEM, or Sacramento. Or how about a SAFARI to South Africa? It would be surreal to SIGHTSEE in Switzerland (Sunny and Nelly? Been there.), Scotland (Sunny and Nelly? Going there.), SINGAPORE, or Seville (in SPAIN, of course.). SHUFFLE off to Buffalo (We know—Buffalo’s not an “S” place—SORRY.)

DON’T run with SCISSORS. Don’t be a SLUG. Go to a SYMPHONY! SHUT the Front Door! Visit with a SAGITTARIUS. Learn the SAMBA or the saxophone. Don’t schlepp (but you can SCHMOOZE) or SCOFF or secondguess or SCREAM or scribble.

SING! SMILE! Open Sesame! Be SENSATIONAL. Read the Song of Solomon. Wear SEQUINS that sparkle, SHIMMER, and shine! Visit with a Septuagenarian. Get a SODA at The Sonic. Have a SOFT HEART. Be SNAZZY. SEIZE the Day! Catch a Falling STAR (and put it in your pocket!). SAFETY First! Come on in and sit a SPELL!



Autumn said...

Y'all are STUPENDOUS. And you always make us smile.

The Leightons said...

Awww...Sweet are tooo, tooo SPECIAL! Your SENSATIONAL SUPPORT strengthens our SPIRITS and fills our SOULS with SATISFACTION! THANK YOU, Dear, Precious Friend...for your SENTIMENTAL words. They SUSTAIN us.I SWEAR.