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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Yeehaw for Y'all!

TLC found these FABULOUS calcium chews at the drug store a few months ago. (Guess this should be a Yummy or Yumhaw, right?) They're gummie! And YUMMIE.

I have to admit I only became a gummie fan when TLC was a pre-teen. Gummie worms would be her candy of choice when we'd go to the movies. I always wanted something chocolate. (In addition to the Diet Coke and popcorn—no butter—we shared.) She finally convinced me to try them. I was more than shocked. I liked them! Now I’m all about “gummie.” Hasn’t worked yet with salmon.)

I believe the doctors/scientists/nutritionists/experts when they say we girls/young/not-so-young women need lots o' calcium. All of our lives. I've been at the top of the "moderate" risk chart for osteoporosis for about seven years. I'm determined TLC and Little Leighton will have strong bones. (I never had a broken bone until I fell in our shower three years ago and broke my wrist. My camo cast was adorable. But I don't want My Girls to ever break anything in their sweet bodies.)

I've been taking calcium supplements since I was in my early 40s. I'm glad TLC is starting to be faithful about this precaution now. In her late 20s. (Yep—we know. We completely understand. We should strive to get our daily vitamin and mineral requirements in the foods we eat. I cannot tell a lie. Sometimes we eat too much junk. We're sincerely sorry. We start each day with the promise to eat healthy. We seem to fail—occasionally. Oh, okay. Often.)

Two of these delightful chews have thirty calories. I can't eat as many as I'd like! And they're a little pricey. Haven't found them on sale yet -- or at Costco. But two a day -- in addition to my (calorie-free) tablets -- help me feel that taking this critical supplement isn’t such a chore.

Happy Tuesday!

p.s.: I'm not on Citracal's payroll. Darnitall.


Autumn said...

I have not tried the gummies. But I do love Caltrate's soft chews, available in vanilla and chocolate truffle. Of course, I get the chocolate ones. They taste like tootsie rolls. Als0 30 calories for 2 chews. In case you want a change from gummies. Yummy.

The Leightons said...

Oh, oh, OH, Autumn!!! Tootsie Rolls? I'm in. Forget the dadgum Gummies! Tee hee hee.