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Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh, the Weather Outside Was... SNOWY!

In Texas! North Central. Most of us in a rather wide area woke up to snow on the ground—on the bushes—on our cars—on our trees—etc. You get the “drift.” Ha. It was all gone by noon, but we loved it!

Yes, we get snow here in The Lone Star State. And it’s often very welcome. Of course all the kiddos love it—especially if they call school off. That has to be done when it’s icy. We Texans don’t drive very confidently in ice. Actually, some cRaZy peeps drive like we live in Wyoming or Montana. Fast and reckless. Makes most of us angry. Well, makes us semi-gizzards flustered.

I digress. On this 10th day of December, as the Lords Leap, and the snow melts, TLC and I would like to get you in the Christmas mood with a couple of CUTE (if I do say so My Grammy Self) pictures of Little Leighton:

Cutest Lil' Reindeer Tootsies EVER!

Santa's Helper

We hope you had (or are still having) a

LL's Bath Time Letters!
(She gets a new word every night. You should "hear" her vocabulary now! LOL.)


Wherever you are, Dear Friends…

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