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Friday, February 15, 2013

Grammy Recap

I ended up watching the majority of The Grammys! With My Sweet Hubby (MSH). And TLC available by cell and text.

(Picture both me and MSH with headphones on. He’s quite deaf in both ears. But can wear hearing aides that do help. I went totally deaf in my left ear 4 ½ years ago. They could never tell me why. They eliminated a tumor and stroke. Finally chalked it up to a “virus.” I have no nerves. Therefore, no “aide” will help me. Fortunately and THANK YOU, ALMIGHTY GOD, my right ear is still pretty decent. Especially with headphones! However, it’s distracting and time-consuming for each of us to have to take our headphones off to converse. Which we do about twenty times an hour. Sheesh.)

I’ve wanted to give y’all my perspective. Alas, MSH and I sat, pretty much, with our mouths open. Yes. Yes, we are old. And quite “out of it.” Of course we knew the Country folks. A few of the other singers/groups. Okay. Maybe “a few” is a bit of a stretch.

The clothes/outfits/fashion? Hmmm. Innerstin. To say the least. I think some of the peeps didn’t get that memo telling them to be more modest/less revealing. When I heard about that I just had to laugh. Seemed to me it would be like telling a kid not to put beans in her or his ears.

While Justin Timberlake was performing, this conversation occurred:

MSH: Is Justin Timberlake bigger than that Justin Beaver?
ELC: It’s Justin Beiber.
MSH: Are you sure?

At that point, I said “Yes” and put my headphones back on. I know him. He didn’t even really care.

A few minutes later, I texted TLC this question:

ELC: Are there two Jack Whites?
Silence for a moment…
TLC: Are you thinking of Jack Black?

Yes. Yes, I guess I was.

The most perplexing category for us Geezers was the Urban Contemporary Album. I suspect, when your home is in the country in North Central Texas, you aren’t ever going to know anyone in that group.

Now I’m sure y’all will be anxiously awaiting my “Oscar” thoughts.


ta-ta for now and have a Wonderful Weekend Wherever in the World you are!

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