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Monday, April 29, 2013

my mama and my baby

It's the little things...


...ELC (and My Sweet, Sweet Dad) graciously giving up the last day of their "getaway" so Mom could come take care of me and Little Leighton. I was sick all last week, and it reminded that I'm never too old to need the comfort of My Sweet, Sweet Mama. (And the Diet Vanilla Cokes -- DVCs -- from Sonic she brings along with her.)

...This smart, sassy, sweet, sunshine-y, silly, little girl that turned 9 months old last week. She's obsessed with books -- will choose to "play" with them over toys every, single day. She also learned how to wave "bye-bye" last week. She's a genius. Plain and simple. She is my heart and soul and sun and moon and stars and everything in between.

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