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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Yesterday evening, in a small North Central Texas town called West, there was a fire and explosion at a fertilizer plant. The devastation is chilling.

West is about 90 miles from our home. TLC referred to West in a post about their famous kolaches many moons ago. Autumn, her family and her husband's family, call West their hometown. Even though she hasn't lived there in a long time, she still has cousins and many good friends there.

At this time and fortunately, there haven't been as many deaths as they originally feared. But too many lives were lost (one was too many...could go as high as forty). Hundreds of people were injured.

After the terror at the Boston Marathon, this was another shocking and heart wrenching event happening too often in our country. I'm certain there are thousands of Americans thinking about alot of "little things" tonight they're going to miss. Millions who are grateful to Our Lord God Almighty for the little things they're still able to enjoy.

In honour of all of the people who have lost someone in the past week, TLC and I will say some extra prayers tonight, to Our Heavenly Father, for the grieving community of West. Asking Him, in His Son Jesus Christ's name, to bless those people with strength. Hope. Peace. To bless the people in
Boston, too. To bless America. Our World. Please.



Autumn said...

As usual, I'm behind in reading my favourite (fancy spelling) blog. But I wanted to send my thanks for your recognition of my hometown, West. They are warm, big hearted, strong Czech people and they will overcome this. With our prayers and God's help.

The Leightons said...

Oh, Dearest Autumn,

We feel, like so many others in Texas and America, surely the World, that West is our hometown, too. We have faith West will overcome. Recover. We'll never, ever forget the shock, horror, immense and unbelievable pain, though. You know our prayers continue for everyone there--all of their family and friends wherever they are--as I type this. And for a long, long time to come.

All of our love,