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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Our lives all full of them. From the moment we're born. Until we die. Storms in our daily living. Problems. Challenges. Struggles. With simple tasks. With money. With disruptive and unhealthy habits. Struggles within our families. With relationships. Storms within our country. Storms within ourselves. Our spirits. Our souls.

And then there are storms of nature. Hurricanes. Tsunamis. Volcanos. Snowstorms. Icestorms. Firestorms. Unending rainstorms that cause devastating floods and unbelievable damage.

Tornados. Evil. Unrelenting. Destructive. Heartless. Unmerciful. Mean tornados.

I found this prayer on Facebook. It's from the Lutheran Church in America. I've modified it slightly.

Almighty and Most High God, our refuge and strength and our present help in this time of trouble, we ask You to surround all of those affected by the devastating tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. We plead to You to surround them all with Your love and care. Your hope and comfort. Your promises and your everlasting peace.Your Sweet and Amazing Grace.

In Your Son Jesus Christ's name, we pray to you, Lord.


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