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Monday, July 7, 2014

Monuments and Magnolias . . .

The second week of June, My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I went on a LR (Little Roadtrip). We’d never been to Natchitoches, Louisiana. We’ve visited New Orleans many times. Visited Shreveport a few times. (Natchitoches is an hour south of Shreveport and about a 5-hour trip, by car, from our casa.) MSH did all the planning  of this tiny getaway by his own little lonesome. Booked a B&B for us for two nights. Told me it was where they filmed “Steel Magnolias.”

By the Way: I’m planning to do a more-detailed post about this adventure in a few days/couple of weeks. Please stand by for that, Folks…

Fast-forwarding to this past weekend: I spent last Thursday until Sunday morning in bed or on our couch. Had a medical condition/illness I brought on myself. Won’t give y’all the TMI details. I’ll say only that it has to do with the horrible things I eat and the evil things I drink (i.e., Diet Dews, Diet Cokes, Coke Zeros…etc., etc., etc.) that are wrong, wrong, WRONG. Wrong for moi. (And, yet, I adore every single one of them.) While I attempted to recover (on my own and without paying our Hospital ER in town $1000 for a few pain pills), I watched two movies: Steel Magnolias and The Monuments Men.

Having seen all of the homes and places around Natchitoches that they used to film Steel Magnolias, I was determined to watch this tear-jerker again. When it came out many, many years ago, I vividly remember seeing it with TLC and barely making it out of the movie theater to my car. Where I sobbed. And sobbed. And SOBBED. I had a headache for three days from all the tears I cried. Then, of course, like a fool, I bought it on a VCR tape. Watched it once or twice from the comfort of my home. With a box of Kleenex on my lap and Tylenol capsules ready to swallow.

Then, of course, I bought the DVD. Why? Because I am clearly an insane glutton for punishment.

I watched it Thursday afternoon. At the peak of my physical pain. I just knew I’d be strong. Good Lord, I know what’s coming, right? Tore me up. Completely did me in. As if my buckets of tears weren’t enough, I watched the “Special Features.” Never, ever, EVER have I watched a “Special Feature.” This one showcased the author. The man who’d written the original play as a way to deal with the death of his sister. This sweet, kind, talented, lovely young man made me cry. Again. Sigh. I swear. I'm finished watching this movie. I'm too old and sickly.

For Father’s Day this year, I gave MSH “The Monuments MenDVD. He’d just gotten around to watching it last week, while I was visiting TLC and Little Leighton. Told me it was “awesome.” Said I should try to view it soon. So Saturday afternoon, as I lay on our couch, still in pain, we watched it together. I don’t even have the right words to express my appreciation of and for this movie. If you haven’t heard of it—or seen it—or know very little about it—I urge you to Google it, buy it or rent it ASAP. You won’t be sorry.

(MSH did kind of lie to me—a teensy bit. You see, I cannot do war movies. Saving Private Ryan positively destroyed me. I spent most of that movie—in a movie theater—with MSH telling me when I could take my hands away from my eyes. Needless to say, I only actually saw about one-third of that movie. Too much for my heart and soul. It’s certainly not the only war movie that has had that effect on me. In questioning him, in great detail, because I have to, about The Monuments Men, he said one man died. Well, that wasn't true. I forgave him. It was nothing like Saving Private Ryan. I coped. Stopped the DVD a couple of times to catch my breath. Believe me, if I can watch it, anyone can. It’s history. It’s touching. It’s incredible. The courage displayed? Unforgettable. Put it on your List of Movies I Must See Because ELC Said So. Please let me know what you thought about it, okay?)

p.s.: It’s George Clooney. Seriously—need I say more?

Hope Y’all have a Wonderful Week—Wherever in the World you are…

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