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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Next-to-the-Last Mascara...

For an explanation of my title, please check this link out!

Y’all knew we couldn’t go more than a few months without a new mascara recommendation. I mean, seriously.

Drum roll, please…

I discovered this one. (And I'm overwhelmingly compelled to say "Duh.") TLC agrees with me, though, that, of all the mascaras we’ve tried and liked in the past three and a half years of doing our blog, this is by far our FAVOURITE mascara!!!

Maybelline outdid themselves on this one. We like the name. Very scandalous-ish. We like the wand. We like the texture. We like that it doesn’t clump. We like everything about it—most especially the price. (It’s approximately $10…I’m sure you could find it cheaper with a coupon.)

Hope Y’all have had a Marvelous Monday!



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