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Monday, August 11, 2014

when it rains . . .

…it pours…

But not, of course, in North Central Texas. We are still desperate for relief from this horrid drought. If we think about it too long, we get very, VERY worried. Fearful. Sad. Discouraged. Confused.

What does "rain" at Our Casa in the Country is bad luck. When bad luck rains down on us…it sure enough does pour.

TLC and Little Leighton (LL) came for a short visit Friday. (LL has been improving every day. Thank You, Lord God Almighty. Thank You.) TLC had been invited to a lunch on Saturday afternoon at the home of an “old” friend—they’ve known each other since they were two years old! Elizabeth was having several other “old” friends for a Mini Reunion.

Although TLC woke up feeling a little puny Saturday morn, she rallied and got herself out our door for a fun, 3-hour visit with some great young women. A few hours after she got back, she started feeling yucky again. Cold? Sinus infection? Strep? She ruled out strep. Dr. ELC was thinking bad cold. Possibly mono. TLC’s intentions to head back home were squashed by Sunday mid-morning. She felt too horrible. Had some fever. Knew she couldn’t safely drive herself and LL on the two-hour trip back to her home.

Meanwhile, I started having major trouble with my right knee. I first injured it several months ago when I tried to pretend I was some kind of strong athlete and walked our “hill” three mornings in a row with My Sweet Hubby (MSH). This was my first experience with hideous knee pain. At that time, it entailed lots of sitting (Okay. I’ll admit it. I don’t mind sitting. Alot.), lots of ibuprofen and tons o’ ice. I’d  gotten myself "healed" and had been doing good for several months when I simply turned wrong and/or too fast Friday morning, while cleaning house, starting this dadgum issue right back up again. (This is the thanks one gets for trying to have a clean home.) Sheesh.

Sooo…TLC has been mostly bedridden since Saturday night. I’ve been doing my best to care for and entertain LL without making my knee worse. MSH has been the Amazing Man he truly is—picking up TLC’s slack and mine, too.

Then, this morning, LL woke up with sniffles. Sneezies. Lots of drippings from her teeny-tiny-precious-little nose. She hasn’t been too cranky. We’re about 95% certain TLC has a lovely summer cold. Now so does Little Leighton. MSH and I are praying we don't inherit it from Our Sweet Girls.

The plan is for me to take these sickie gals home tomorrow. If I can push the accelerator with my bum leg. MSH will come retrieve me Wednesday. That's The Plan. I don't expect much of anything, however, to go as planned lately. Sigh.

We’re quite anxious for some happy things to happen to The Leighton Gals…Just sayin'...

Hope Y'all have a Wonderful Week...Wherever in the World you are!

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