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Sunday, October 5, 2014

ELC's Top Ten Favourite Texas Towns/Cities

Note: This list does not include where My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I live. It also doesn’t include the town where TLC and Little Leighton live. This is a list of towns/cities I love to visit. Most of them are places I’ve treasured for many, many of my sixty years on this Planet Earth. The order? It doesn’t really mean I love the 1st one the best and the last one the least. I love them all. Truly. And mostly equally. I also believe these are places you should try to visit—if you have never had the pleasure.

Drumroll, please…

  1. Ft. Worth, Texas. I know it like the back of my hand, even though I’ve never actually lived there. It has everything! Big city museums and culture. FABULOUS (and some very fancy) restaurants. Beautiful architecture. Small town charm. It’s friendly. It’s fun. It’s where I would probably choose to live if I ever had to leave my country casa.
  2. Fredericksburg, Texas. Y’all know I’ve mentioned this magical town many times in our blog over the years. TLC, MSH and I adore it. ADORE IT. Fredericksburg is not far from San Antonio (a city not on this list but one that is truly important to Texas history and full of charisma!). It’s a hop, skip and a jump away from other lovely small Texas towns that are definitely worth your time to visit.
  3. Granbury, Texas. Approximately thirty miles from our country casa, I’ve loved this small Texas town for forty years (My Precious Autumn has now lived there for many of those forty). The new “Opera House” on the square is beyond amazing. Anyone who lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex should make a trip to Granbury for a play, musical, antique shopping and delicious food.
  4. Austin, Texas. This is the town MSH grew up in (although he hasn’t lived there in 52 years!). It’s our State Capitol and a city full of magnificent history, entertainment, Five Star restaurants, and world-class shopping. It’s also not too terribly far from Fredericksburg!
  5. Hico, Texas. This small Texas town is about forty minutes from our country casa. When I say small, I do mean fairly small! Although there aren’t a lot of eating places in Hico, they are all delicious. It’s worth a trip from the Metroplex—especially if they’re having one of their annual events.
  6. McKinney, Texas.  This is a town close in proximity to TLC and one that has beaucoups of interesting sightseeing. Their Square has a beautiful Courthouse and the most wonderful shops. On a pretty Autumn day like today? I could stroll from dawn until dusk. And not have had nearly enough time to experience all McKinney has to offer.
  7. Gruene, Texas. Close to Texas “tubing” areas, Gruene was a town that was once actually owned by one man. The tubing in this part of Texas is a must—at some point in a Texan’s life. You can find a reasonable and charming place to stay. I’d recommend visiting for at least one night—two days. But two nights/three days would be a perfect getaway!
  8. Bandera, Texas. Dude ranches and cowboys—horse races and tubing—this CUTE town has it all! A great place for a family vacay. Can’t wait until Little Leighton is old enough to truly enjoy this great Texas spot.
  9. Dallas, Texas. Not only did I not include San Antonio (which, as I’ve said, I do love), I also didn’t include Houston. All of our sons have lived in Houston. Three still live there. MSH and I go for a visit once or twice a year. The traffic in Houston makes us nervous. Or, actually, I should say scares us to death. Dallas is a place we know and do love! (Yes, Dallas drivers don’t love moi—I basically ignore the ugly gestures I receive almost every time I’m there…sigh…) In my opinion, Dallas is an interesting combination of the best of Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antone—all rolled into one splendid city!  
  10. Decatur, Texas. This delightful little town wouldn’t have even made my list until MSH and I went to Oklahoma last week. I’ve been there. Or, I should say, I’ve been “through” Decatur on the way to somewhere else. Last week, we drove around Decatur for the first time—their Courthouse Square and the backroads that lead to the Square. I fell in love and intend to go back to spend some quality time there. I saw sooo much to explore!
I don't have a "West" Texas town or city listed. Or an "East" Texas town or city. Or a "Panhandle" town or city. Or even  a "South" Texas or "Gulf" region town or city. Trust me when I say these areas are all amazing places to roam. A new person to Texas would need a good, solid year to discover the mysteries and magnificence of our BIG State. I could only list ten today, don'tchaknow. Not fifty. Or 100. 

(It is currently yummy Fall weather outside on this Sweet Sunday. I’m heading out for a much-needed dose of country fresh air in a few.)

TLC's up next in a day or two...can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve.
bye for now, Dear Friends... 

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