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Friday, October 31, 2014

The Top Ten Things The Leighton Girls Have Loved About October 2014!

1. Little Leighton’s continued healing!

2. Cool nights. Cool mornings. The Beginnings of crisp, lovely Autumn days!

3. Pumpkins!

4. Fall Fashion! Sweaters, sweatshirts, more jeans/less capris—which leads to less leg-shaving (does not apply, of course, to Little Leighton...lucky gal...), boots, and more scarves! (I say “more” scarves because TLC wears scarves year-round—even in the hideous Texas heat of August—Silly Woman.)

5. Little Leighton’s healing!

6. Fun Shopping Adventures! The days of browsing quaint shops feel much lovelier and tres pleasant, in terms of getting in and out of one’s car.

7. More pumpkins!

8. Trick-or-Treating! (As I type this, Little Leighton is two hours away…going from door-to-door in her neighborhood—dressed as…wait for it…DRUM ROLL…a Fancy/Sparkly Pumpkin!)

9. Thoughts of Thanksgiving and the upcoming Christmas holidays!

10. Little Leighton’s better and BETTER health! Yippee!!!

Happy Halloween, Our Sweet Sillies…Wherever in the World Y’all are…

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