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Sunday, April 19, 2015

i'm back! least for today!

As ELC mentioned, my little family will soon be making a big move! We are excited--2015 has truly been a roller coaster. Ups. Downs. In-betweens. We are looking forward to a fun, fresh start. I am forever grateful to ELC for ALWAYS picking up my slack with our sweet blog. She has so much dedication and love.

Last Thursday, Little Leighton and I headed South for a visit with Grammy and Pa-Pa and a salon appointment for moi! (I still go home to have my hair cut and colored by our precious Kit--she cuts the whole fam-damily's hair, actually. Bless her heart. I'm sure she would like to drop a couple of us.) ELC and I had been chatting a couple of weeks ago about cutting my hair. It was ridiculously long--completely unmanageable. ELC suggested (she always makes good suggestions) I consider cutting at least 6 inches so that I could donate it. Done and done! I couldn't wait.

LL and I arrived at our destination mid-afternoon on Thursday. Once we had our snack of freshly baked (by ELC, nonetheless!) gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, we headed outside. It was a pretty day, and we were ready for some fresh, country air! I was immediately taken aback by the sheer beauty of Mom and Dad's roses! I couldn't resist and had to cut a few to put in the most tiny, precious vase. Aren't these divine? (No filters for these pics!)

The next morning, after a breakfast of champions (Pancakes--again made with love by ELC! Are we in some kind of Twilight Zone? Y'all know she's not a fan of cooking. BUT, let me tell you what...she rocks at it when she gets in that kitchen!) and coffee (duh), I headed into town for the big cut! Of course we took a before picture (Yes, I made it black and white. Between the pony tail kinks and roots and my pasty white arms, I couldn't handle full color.)

Six inches later? (Yes, another black and white.)

I really love it! Kit blows my mind with her talent. Now, I have no clue how to fix it. It's been quite some time since my hair has been this short. I'm going to practice and learn! I texted ELC this shameless selfie Friday night (LL stayed with them for two nights, while I headed back. I'll let ELC give y'all a recap of all of the fun they had! So many shenanigans with those three.) after I attempted a half-up 'do.

Thank y'all ever so much for your patience with me. I can't wait to share more about our new adventure soon.

I hope this is a magical week for all...TTFN.