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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Terrific Tootsies!

In February, I told Y’all how much I loved Working Hands hand cream. Which My Sweet Hubby (MSH) purchases at Tractor Supply.

Look what MSH and I found at the Tractor Supply in Granbury, Texas, last week:

Be still my heart. And tootsies.

I giggle when I think about an experience that happened several years ago:

I was in the midst of a lovely pedicure. [Let me stop here and give you a teensy—possibly innerstin—fact: Once I started having professional pedicures (Remember, please—I was 47 before I had my first one...sad. Yes. Very sad.), I became hyper-vigilant about keeping my feet soft—especially my heals.]

Back to the experience: This kind pedicurist said, with clear and obvious admiration: Ahhh…Wow. Your heals are very smooth—like a baby’s buttom!

TLC can verify I’m committed to the endless process of feet exfoliation. (She keeps hers away from my inspection at all costs.) And I’m always searching for a cream that is inexpensive, but effective. Voila—here it is, Folks...O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet! (By The Way: They have a delightful website that can help you determine where you might find or order this fantastic product.)

I’m positively pooped from working over at our Barn&Breakfast (Wink.Wink.). The clutter is endless. It's reproducing. I'm sure of it. I clearly need a professional organizer. TLC would adore this job. If only she didn't live two hours away. Dadgummit.

Hope You Sillies had a Sweet Saturday—Wherever in the World Y’all Are!

ta-ta for now…