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Monday, February 23, 2015

I Love...Working Hands!

Hand cream, that is! (“Regular” working hands are important, too...don'tchaknow. Remember, Proverbs tells us: Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.)

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) must go to Tractor Supply (We have many of these stores in Texas--they're even in fairly small communities.) at least once a week. He always needs something for our country place. Tools. Equipment. Gloves. Ranch supplies. He usually buys Buddy Bear’s dog food at a Tractor Supply (Science Diet). It’s typically where he picks up our birdseed. I enjoy going in with him every two to three months. They carry clothes, boots, garden supplies, and other “country” trinkets that are fun to browse.

A few weeks ago, MSH found this hand cream:

Doing all (Well, 99.8%--we do have a landscape company that comes out twice a year to get the yard around our home in shape for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.) of the outside work around our place, and cooking as much as he does, MSH’s hands stay dry and cracked. Especially in the winter. (By the way: We are experiencing some bad, EVIL weather in North Central Texas today. Ice and sleet…lots of it. Just about everything is shut down in approximately an one-hundred-mile radius of our casa: schools, businesses, stores, etc. MSH and I are stuck up here on our hill. TLC, Her Hubby and Little Leighton are marooned inside their house in the Dallas 'Burbs. We don’t much like it. We’re being told this situation will probably be happening for a couple of days—maybe all week. However, we see what other states have experienced this winter season and we’re beyond grateful we don’t have to deal with that Scary, Depressing, Destructive Vicious Hell…YIKES.)

Within two days of using this hand cream, MSH stated, with great enthusiasm: “Hey, you should try this! It’s REALLY good.”

He was right. I’ve been using it for three weeks-ish. On my hands and my heels! (I did see, on their website, that O'Keeffe's has a foot cream I will be attempting to locate.) It takes only a tiny bit of this fantastic stuff. It’s light. Non-greasy and with no obnoxious fragrance. It's FABULOUS. Y’all know TLC and I don’t receive one red cent for any products or services or from any companies we push on this blog. This hand cream is inexpensive (My. Oh. My. Wonder how much money I’ve spent in the past…hmmm...let’s say forty years…on hand cream? I’m thinkin’ thousands of dollars. Some worked. Some didn’t. I wish I’d known about this years ago. Seriously.)

If your Tractor Supply doesn’t have it…or, hey, you don’t even have access to a Tractor Supply!...I’m certain you could order it from the company or from Amazon. TLC will be receiving her gift of this hand cream as soon as we can venture down from this perch/hill safely.

I emailed a suggestion to the O’Keeffe Company a few minutes ago that they make a container that is “pink.” So women might realize it’s not just for farmers, ranchers, construction workers or anyone who works outside in the harsh elements. (Yes, yes, some of those jobs are held by women. Women that may have been keeping this miracle cream a secret from the rest of us…and that's not right...not one itty-bitty bit, is it, Gals?)

Try it! I’ll eat a bug (a chocolate-covered ant—that’s the only bug option you’ve got and I might have to rethink this offer so it’s not an actual promise, okay?) if you tell me you didn’t like it.

Happy Monday, Darling Friends…Stay warm and safe and have some FUN

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