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Friday, February 13, 2015

I Love...Red Velvet Tea!

This post is about my second “treat” from TLC last Sunday. Part 2. (Yes. We know. Many of y’all are SHOCKED that one of us is actually following up on a “Part 2” post. I believe TLC owes us a Part 2 NOLA…I suggest we not hold our breaths, Darling Friends.)

So I love hot drinks. Coffee. Dr. Pepper. Cocoa/Hot Chocolate. Most especially I love, love, LOVE hot tea! Imagine my surprise when TLC gave me this marvelous present:

Wwhhhaaaattttt?????? Red Velvet Tea? Oh. My. Be still my heart. Such a timely gift —since February is Valentine’s Day month—and nothing—I mean NOTHING—screams “Valentine’s Day” more than a Red Velvet Cupcake. Right? Yes. Absolutely. Positively correct.

I also adore the color red. I cherish anything “heart” shaped (I have a Pinterest Board devoted to “Hearts and Flowers!”). I crave chocolate. One might think Valentine’s Day could be my favourite holiday. It’s not. Wink. Wink. (I’m actually uncertain which holiday is my favourite—I’ll have to get back to you on this…) But it can be such a HAPPY day (insert Pharrell’s song at this point, okie-dokie?). I did very much enjoy making it a special time for TLC as she grew up. I haven't missed sending our Grands cards with stickers and/or money in them since they were each at least two years old. Tomorrow, Little Leighton (LL) will be at our country casa for a couple of nights and she'll be celebrating Happy Heart Day with Grammy and Pa-Pa!

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) gets all stressed when he sees something to remind him Valentine’s Day is coming up. This realization starts at the first of February-ish. He sort of resents it. Feels like it was a “made up” holiday that too many times puts boys/men in difficult situations. (I get to enjoy this "opinion/lecture" every single's great!) He causes himself pure anguish in attempting to find me just the right card (which he always, ALWAYS does) and trying to plan something wonderful for us to do. I tell him every year, year after year, to LET IT GO. I feel loyalty and devotion every day of our life together.  I don't need a card, flowers, or candy. Even an expensive dinner out. All I Need Is Love. (Thank You to The Beatles for this one...)

Back to this FABULOUS tea: At the first sip, I was a teensy bit worried it was about to taste like a red cough syrup. It was deceptive—there was no cause for my concern! I savored every single swallow of this divine flavor! A Red Velvet Cupcake? Most have anywhere between 250 and 400 calories. YIKES. This delightful tea? Zero calories. I did put one Truvia packet in it—which was the perfect amount of sweet for moi.

Thank You, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, TLC! I love both of my treats! I could not love you more...

Smooches, Hugs and Happy Heart Day Eve, Dearest Friends Everywhere!  

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