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Thursday, February 26, 2015

We Love...Avocados!

TLC probably loved them a teensy-bit more than ELC for many years. She's also an expert at cutting/slicing them. ELC? Not so much. Getting better, however. Every week. Lately, ELC may treasure them even more than TLC. It's quite possible/probable.

We totally buy into the fact that they're "good fat" for our bodies/health/nutrition. Seriously? Any food that says it's "good" fat? Are you kidding? We're in.

We're thinkin' it ain't much necessary to have a picture of an avocado, right? And, yes, perhaps we could have come up with some kind of fabulous recipe that involves avocados. (This is actually ELC doing this post. A recipe isn't in the cards for Y'all...sorry...)

But here's the way we eat them 75% of the time: Sliced. On sandwiches. Or by themselves. (25% of the time we make guacamole with them. A little lime or lemon juice. A little garlic powder and/or cilantro. A few little spring onions and some yummy tomatoes. A pinch of sea salt and three pinches of pepper. Fast. Simple. DELICIOUS.)

Little Leighton? She's an Avocado Lover herself. Been eating them since she was about eight months old.

Go buy one! Or two! Or six! STAT. They're positively, absolutely good for your heart. Soul. Mind. Spirit. And taste buds!

ta-ta for now, Sweet Friends...

By The Way: Little Leighton is, finally, beginning to get over several health issues/different illnesses she's experienced the past almost three weeks. Hence the reason ELC has been doing most of the February posts. TLC will be back! ASAP.

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