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Friday, February 20, 2015

I Love...My Office Assistant!

Last weekend I had my very own Office Assistant! I’ve never had one before. Even though I was in business for myself for several years. I tried, off and on, to get My Sweet Husband (aka MSH aka Pa-Pa) to do some clerical work for me. Hahaha.  Silly moi. Never happened.

Little Leighton (LL) discovered my home office about a year ago. It's a place she wants to be, at some point, during a visit with us. (Her favourite hangouts in our casa, in order, are: her bedroom [aka the guest room]; outside; our bedroom; our bathroom; the kitchen; the dining room; our den—because it has the biggest tv, I suspect; and, then, finally, my office. My screensaver, on my computer, is a bridal picture of TLC. LL needs my computer to be turned on so she can admire this. She always says these adorable words, every single last time: “Mama’s so pretty!” I totally agree.

I keep coloring books and crayons, some reading books and a few toys on a shelf in my office. Lately, however, LL feels the need to sit in my chair and type on my computer. I put her in Word and she types away!

LL, in her chic zebra top and camo shorts, worked and worked. And worked. Her BEST friend/doll, Lindy (LL calls her Windy—we’re working on “Ls” all the time—winky wink!), was LL’s Office Assistant. (Windy's just out of the photo...Grammy had a hard time concentrating on her photography was taking all of my energy and control to not laugh too hard and much at this precious scene!)

Biscuit's work session lasted about 20 minutes. Then we moved on to the next project. Puzzles!

Happy Weekend, Dearest Friends—Wherever in the World You Are! Be safe and have LOTS O’ FUN, okie-dokie?

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