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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Love...Keepsake Spoons!

TLC never ever EVER ceases to amaze me. She could/should be a Personal Shopper. She finds the most unique, beautiful, memorable, FABULOUS gifts for everyone! Especially her Mama.

This is where I shall begin my temporary/yet typical digression:

Y'all may remember that last weekend we were to have Princess Little Leighton (LL) as an honored guest at our country casa. Unfortunately, TLC had to take her to the pediatrician last Thursday morn. LL was running fever (102.2—high for Our Biscuit!). She’d been congested/constantly drippy for several days. TLC wanted to make sure she was okay to come for a visit with me and Pa-Pa (aka My Sweet Husband/aka MSH). LL’s doctor diagnosed her with a “BAD!” ear infection in her right ear. And the flu!!! Even though all of us, including LL, had had our flu shots by last October, flu has been rampant in the U. S. of A. We’ve been told by many television doctors—real ones!—via our media, that having the shot might keep us from getting a bad case of the flu. It would NOT guarantee we wouldn’t come down with it. Many, many children (and adults) have had serious cases of it in the past three months. Unfortunately, the vaccine peeps weren’t prepared for the way this year’s flu was going to mutate.

TLC and I are skeptical LL really had the flu. However, it became necessary for me to go east to their casa—in order to take care of her while TLC and Her Hubby celebrated their birthdays. Friday night was a planned (fancy) dinner out. Saturday was dinner out in a charming part of Dallas and a Mavericks’ game with friends.

I arrived Friday morn by 10:30 and left Sunday morn at the same time-ish. LL and Grammy had a lovely-as-always quality visit together while her Mom and Dad did their par-tay-in’.

As I was about to leave Sunday morn, TLC called me into her (MY...Wink. Wink.) guest room to give me two gifts. Both were to be my Valentine's Day “treats” from her and LL. But the BEAUTIFUL spoon became my “Thank You!” treat for babysitting Princess LL at her casa—instead of our country casa.

Back to TLC’s Amazing Finds:

In the past, TLC has given me some truly special gifts. I’ve received “engraved” spoons for my flower/cactus pots. This new spoon is for my “tea drinkin’” (Don't forget my ROYAL lineage!) and says:

a little bit of TEA & a whole lotta JESUS

Oh. My. Lord. Do I adore this spoon? Do birds fly? Do fish swim? Do I believe in Jesus???

Found randomly (but luckily!) via an Instagram account TLC follows, she discovered that this company--jessicaNdesigns (click on the link to shop until you drop!) (also: @jessicandesigns on IG and Twitter)--seems to have lots of other interesting/special items. Have no doubt, Dear Friends: My "tea" spoon will be treasured forever. And a day.

Merci beaucoup, TLC, for (once again) giving me something so unexpected but tres SPECTACULAR. Girl—YOU ROCK!

ta-ta for now...

p.s.—LL will be coming this weekend for our re-scheduled visit...Hip Hip Hooray!!!

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