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Sunday, February 1, 2015

I Love...Nail Polish!

It's February 1st! How did that happen?

As you all have probably figured out, ELC loves a good "theme o' the month!" I was talking to her earlier today, and we collectively decided our theme for February would be people, places and/or things we LOVE! I'll be starting us off.

I have discovered my new favourite nail polish! I love pedicures, but, to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of manicures. I know...I'm weird...but my cuticles are always a hands stay super dry from washing dishes day-in and day-out...and, despite telling the manicurists I prefer "rounded" nails, they always go rogue and square them off. UGH. That makes my nails grow funky. I also don't typically paint my fingernails. They inevitably chip within a few hours, and I don't really have the patience for that. Before I was pregnant with Little Leighton, I tried the trendy "gel manicure" for a month or two. I did love how long the color lasted without chipping...and how quickly they dried. I could dig around my purse before I left the nail salon and never worry I was messing them up. I did NOT love how it destroyed my nails when I finally decided I couldn't commit to the maintenance and wanted the gels removed.

Last weekend, I had to run to Walgreens for a few pharmaceuticals, when I happened upon the Sally Hansen "Miracle Gel Top Coat." I also treated myself to a new Essie color: Chinchilly. (It's the perfect grey.) I just had a hankering for pretty nails! This morning, before church, I decided to try out my new nail combo. I did two coats of the Chinchilly, followed by the Sally Hansen Gel Top Coat. Guess what? My nails dried quickly! They are shiny and seem pretty "tough!" I've washed dishes several times today, baked cookies, made queso and played restaurant, and my polish hasn't been chipped or dented or dulled. That's nothing short of a miracle for moi! The Top Coat says it can help your color stay for up to 14 days. If this lasts 5 to 7 days, I'll be happy as a clam! The best part is that it can be removed with regular ol' nail polish remover. You can't beat that.

I suppose it might be a smidge early to declare this new combo PHENOMENAL, but I have a lot of hope! And faith! I think you should give them a whirl and treat yourself!

P.S. Guess who has been bitten by the nail polish bug? I just LOVE these tiny hands!