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Thursday, August 13, 2015

All About Labels...

It occurred to me that y’all may read our blog from your cellphones. If you do, you may not have ever seen our “Labels.” And if you don’t see our “Labels,” then you probably didn’t understand the title of my last post. Because “Boogers” was only mentioned at the bottom of the post—in the “Label.”

Let me back up a smidge and try to explain “Labels:”

(This may not be a great explanation. Remember, I can’t even post pictures on our blog. Or link you to past posts. Or other websites. I’m technologically impaired/challenged/hopeless. Sigh. Still, I intend to give this explanation a shot…)

When TLC and I first decided to do a blog together, she was following a lot of other blogs and (sort of) understood what “Labels” indicated. She tried and tried to explain them to me. Me. Hopeless Me. They have something to do with locating a specific post or subject matter in a post. Their intention, therefore and apparently, is to identify and classify posts. We (TLC and I), however, decided to have fun with labels and make them a little wacky.

For the first two years, we both couldn’t wait to see what the other came up with for our posts' label/labels. TLC always, always, ALWAYS has/had the most clever labels of the two of us. She won’t agree—but it’s the truth. Unfortunately, once Little Leighton appeared on Earth, TLC pretty much quit doing labels. It’s challenging enough for her to get a post done—as y’all may have noticed. Wink. Wink.

In an attempt to intrigue you—if you’ve never, in fact, noticed our “Labels”—let me point a few out for you:

In my post entitled “Determined…or delusional?” on January 25, 20ll, the label was:

Delusional—Or Under The Influence Of Sugar; Married—But Not To McCartney; Yep…I Compared Myself To A Cow

TLC wrote a post entitled “I Felt Like A Princess” Kind-Of-Royal Wedding on April 29, 201l. Her label for that post was:

If The Tiara Fits…

Here are a few other examples through the years:

You Can Never Be Too Rich Or Thin Or Glittery Or Dolled-Up

Do Y’all Think It’s Wrong To Use A Small Shovel As An Eating Utencil?

We’re Gonna Keep Doing This Until We Get It Right Or ELC Wins The Lottery And Buys A Second Home In Maui

Manic Monday Musings; Cadbury Eggs Complete Me; Ritz Crackers Rock My World

I Sure Hope I Don’t Make The People Of Walmart Webpage After Today

And Our Lives Will Never Be The Same

(These are just a few of literally hundreds of labels over the past almost six years of writing lolwiththeleightons...)

For my last post, the label I referred to in the title was:

Biscuit Is At The Stage Where She Finds It Terribly Humorous To Tell You You Have Boogers In Your Nose And Apparently Grammy Had Many

There you go…now you (kind of?) understand you might have to read the “Labels” to get the entire gist of our posts. (Well, mine, anyway. Notsomuch TLC’s since she refuses to make the extra-effort. Shame on you, TLC. Shame. Shame. You know your name.)

If you have an iPhone (I can’t tell you about Androids, etc.—don’t own anything but an iPhone), and want to see our “Labels,” you can do this:

After you’ve read the post, scroll down to the end of the page, where you’ll find these two tabs:


View web version

Click on “View web version” and then scroll down, again, to the bottom of the post—where you can read the Label/Labels!

OR…in the alternative, you could simply read the whole dadgum post from a computer. Then it’s all there for you. Easy. Peasy.

Y’all have A Fabulous Friday and Wonderful Weekend, okay?

ta-ta for now, Sillies...