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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bargains, Binoculars, Band-Aids and Boogers

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) and I had the pleasure of having Little Leighton (LL/Biscuit) stay with us for three nights. Heaven. Pure Heaven.

TLC and LL arrived at our country casa Wednesday afternoon around 2:30. The Three Leightons then went to town! We had some (gluten-free) yogurt at the place MSH calls Mo-Yo. We take our own M&Ms and marshmallows for LL so she doesn’t experience cross-contamination from all of the nuts and candies that are out—under those “sneeze shields”—for customers to throw on their cups of deliciousness. (So far, Biscuit hasn’t quite figured out that Grammy and Mama load up on all of those other yummies! When she does, we’re prepared to put M&Ms only in our cups of yogurt!)

LL simply must people-watch! She had her eye on several kids that were sitting nearby. Actually, she stares. Unashamedly. We tried to engage her in conversation. It was hopeless. Once we’d enjoyed our treats, we headed to our favourite children’s shop for their annual End-of-Summer-Back-to-School SALE. While TLC looked for bargains, LL was determined Grammy was going to buy her an “Elsa” costume. It was nowhere near her size—way too big; not on sale; and was $59. Although it was exquisite, Grammy had to attempt to direct her to books, toys and other items that weren’t $59. Because we can see for over thirty miles from our front porch, I’d been looking for binoculars for Biscuit for months. I found a great and very reasonably priced pair! She was happy with them, a new necklace and matching bracelet. (LL is all about jewels.)

TLC went back home Thursday after lunch for some R&R, a date night with Her Hubby and two nights of uninterrupted sleep. Because it’s dadgum dangerously hot in Texas, MSH and I had to entertain LL mostly inside our home. We did go out to water the potted plants and garden Friday morn. We also blew bubbles under the shade of our back porch arbor. And we did go back into town Friday afternoon for another round of yogurt. (Pa-Pa had missed out on the Mo-Yo.) Other than those three short periods of time out in the heat, we stayed indoors. We played and played. Read books. Colored. Watched Enchanted. (If you’ve never seen Enchanted, I don’t care how old you are—you need to watch it. It and Princess Bride are, in my opinion, two of the all-time best “fairy-tale” movies EVER made.) LL doesn’t typically focus more than about twenty-five minutes at a time on this movie or other movies or television shows. She gets antsy to play. But she’s seen all of it, in segments, many times. Probably 100. Or more.

Friday morn, LL wanted to give these three Schleich horses, that live at our casa, a “bath.” In the guest bath sink. She then wanted to put them down for a nap. She commandeered three bed pillows and three blankets from "her" bed, placing them on the floor. (Yes, some of TLC’s OCDedness came out in me, as I silently cringed at those clean pillowcases scattered on the carpet…Sigh…) When Grammy suggested the horses could share one pillow and one blanket? Wish I could have taken a picture of that look. You can see how small these horses are in comparison to the pillows. Oh, well. LL’s happiness at taking care of these "pets" was worth all of my temporary anguish.

Thursday, after her Mama left, and after Grammy failed at talking LL into a nap, we played “Doc McStuffins.” I was the patient—along with several dolls and stuffed animals. At some point, however, LL decided she needed some band-aids. To tell you this child loves band-aids, with all of her heart, is quite the understatement. Her own Mama, TLC, would NEVER let me put a band-aid on her—even when she truly needed one. She’d scream and run away from me. LL? Has wanted to put several on herself at least every few days for at least two years. (She despises having them removed. When you remind her this process is eventually going to happen, she just smiles and tells you it’ll be okay! Then screams loudly when the inevitable comes.) She is quite picky, though. They can’t be regular band-aids. They must be Frozen, Hello Kitty, or The Disney Princesses. Doc McStuffins or Sofia the First. Here’s a picture of LL with four band-aids covering zero actual boo-boos. None. Nada. (I had to literally rip them off of her legs fast as we got ready to go to town Friday afternoon. I was worried a CPS person would confront me and Pa-Pa at the Mo-Yo.)

This next picture was taken in her Grammy’s home office after dinner Friday night. She was tres serious. Had her pink laptop. (She needs a new one. She’s had this since she was one—now she’s three—it’s not challenging enough for her brilliant mind!) Colors. Coloring books and other books. Etc. She “worked,” quietly, for well over forty-five minutes, while Pa-Pa and Grammy had a lovely chat/visit/planning session.

This last picture made me laugh and laugh. And laugh. I was taking a shower and getting dressed Saturday morning when this happened. Pa-Pa was “in charge” of LL/Biscuit. When I went to make sure things were peachy-keen so I could finish up, this is what I saw: Pa-Pa sitting in Biscuit’s “school” chair. A chair TLC designated as LL’s Time-Out chair when she’s at our casa. MSH and I found it a year ago at a store in Weatherford. Reminded us of our school days a hundred years ago. LL often puts herself in it—because she wikes it--awot. I assure LL, every visit, she can use it as a “regular” chair, too. She doesn’t have to get in trouble and be in Time-Out to sit on it. (By the Way: TLC would refuse, when she was Biscuit’s age, to stay in “Time-Out.” Absolutely refuse. She was a constant, joyous challenge.)

ELC (struggling to squelch loud laughter): What are you doing there, Pa-Pa?

MSH: I’m in Time-Out.

ELC: Okay…why? What did you do?

MSH: LL said I “threw” her yellow blanket. I don’t really think I did. But here I am.

ELC (trying desperately not to fall to the floor in complete hysteria…): How long does Pa-Pa have to sit there, Biscuit?

LL: Just a little while longer, Grammy. He’s been good.

Grammy has never been put in Time-Out. Just sayin'.

(Did you notice what’s on the telly? Yep. Enchanted. That was the sixth presentation of it during this visit. LL knows every single word. Every single line. Every word to every song. I’m pretty sure TLC does, too. This is also true for Frozen. Winky. Wink.)

We took LL home after lunch on Saturday. She slept for an hour during the two-hour trip. We missed her the moment we drove away.

Thank you for indulging my Grandmother Moments, Sweet Friends! I know many of you have the honor of being with your Grands often and understand how special the experiences/memories become in our hearts and souls.

Have a Wonderful Week Wherever in the World you are!

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