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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

and it's only wednesday?

So. This week. And it's only Wednesday. I don't think it's a good sign when your precious OB/GYN tells you that you "look a bit tired" at your every-other-week appointment. She's generally VERY complimentary. She's right. I'm tired.

Yesterday was "grocery shopping day." I am quite possibly the worst grocery shopper ever. I have no schedule. I can't "menu plan" to save my life. I always forget something. I typically try to go when Little Leighton is in school, but our week has been thrown off-kilter with the holiday on Monday. Off we went to Target yesterday morning. It was windy and cold and I desperately wanted a Starbucks.

LL was actually a doll this trip. Sometimes--as is with most "threenagers"--it's touch-and-go. Yesterday she was sweet and helpful. Perhaps it was the apple juice I bribed her with--no judging! We were in and out fairly quickly--given that it's Target and who can leave that store in less than an hour? I am definitely starting to waddle and don't particularly enjoy walking. LOL.

I was parked about midway in the parking lot. Not particularly close. (I generally try to get a corner spot. Couldn't find one--I was out of luck.) As we left the store and got closer to my car, I noticed the GINORMOUS Sequoia parked next to me. They had arrived after me and were too lazy, or too royal--in their own opinion--to be bothered to park properly. There was positively no reason why they had to have BOTH tires over the lane and in my space. I was MAD. I couldn't get my back door opened to help LL into her carseat. We literally had to go in via the other side of the car. I was worried I wouldn't be able to squeeze my pregnant belly into my driver's side. Somehow I managed--quite uncomfortably (it would have been quite uncomfortable crawling over my console, too).

At that point, I called ELC--livid at how oblivious and RUDE people are--because, seriously--wouldn't this world be just a bit better if we all were more considerate of others? With her encouragement, I decided I would leave them a note on their windshield. I have honestly never done this before. Don't mess with a pregnant woman that needs to use the bathroom after her Grande Decaf Latte. My next issue/problem? I didn't have any paper. My alternative? The Bounty paper towels I keep in my car. After I wrote them a somewhat scathing note (though I did conclude with a "I hope you have a GREAT day."), I felt better and headed home.

The icing on the cake for this week? McDonald's has upped their prices! (I go to McDonald's twice a week--on Little Leighton's school days--for breakfast.) I'm telling you, Friends, it can only go up from here. Right? Sheesh.

May your parking spaces be spatial and your Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuits yummy (and cheap)!