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Monday, January 11, 2016

Round Two...Sigh...

I am sick. Again. Not as bad this time. But I’ve been at home, mostly in bed or on the couch, since this past Friday Eve. My Sweet Hubby (MSH), who seemed to avoid this annoying illness when we all had it (TLC, Little Leighton, TLC’s Hubby and moi), started feeling bad last Monday night. So he’s going on a week of yuck. He’s been more sick than any of the rest of us were/are.

I haven’t felt as bad as I did (less than) a month ago (and for pert near three weeks). But I’ve been paranoid, each day, I could get worse—especially as I’ve watched MSH become more and more and MORE miserable.

As always happens when I’m house-bound, I got caught up on DVRed shows. Woo Hoo! One of the shows I fell in love with? Angel from Hell, starring Jane Lynch. It’s on Thursday nights/CBS. I missed the second one—which would have been last week. I thought I had the series recorded. I discovered I didn’t have it set that way. I’ve fixed that problem and I’ll be looking forward to watching it Thursday.

Now, I did see a review by the Los Angeles Times that was quite mean. (I'm not a follower of the Times...just Googled the show and saw it.) The person writing the critique did not like it. I also noticed an article calling this show “anti-Christian.” That it was, actually, “making fun of Christianity.” When I read reviews like these two? I get quite confused. Seriously. I only watched it as the clever, semi-unique, FUNNY comedy that I believe it to be. Yes, of course, I understand that we all aren’t going to like the same television shows, movies, books, music or art. In fact, I’m suspicious I’ve recommended television shows, movies and books, in the past, that y’all may have disliked. Or (Oops) hated? You may have even asked yourselves: “What is wrong with ELC? She must be one brick shy of a full load.” Thank goodness for the difference in taste, right? Viva La Difference!

Update on my post entitled…We Interrupt Our Nostalgia…dated November 11, 2015:

If you didn’t read it, you won’t really get this update. I’m just sayin’. You might consider skippin' on over to it so you can catch up on the story about my Sonic “Carhop Gal!” BECAUSE…I just saw her a couple of hours ago! I had to run into town to pick up an antibiotic for MSH (given to him with kindness from his doctor who knows MSH gets this annoying cruddy crud—colds, the flu, allergy issues—every year around this time). Anyway, I made a stop for my “wine” (aka My VCZ—aka Vanilla Coke Zero) at the Sonic Happy Hour and, low and behold, who skated out and up to my car to bring it to me? Carhop Gal (CG)!!!

CG looked at me with her infectious smile and immediately said: “Hi! I haven’t seen you in a while!” To which I replied: “I know! It has been several weeks.” To which she stated: “Well, I went home for the Christmas Break.” Our town has a Getting-Bigger-And-Bigger-Each-Year State University (MSH, TLC and I all graduated from said University.). CG clearly is a student there. This encounter made my day. Bless her sweet, happy, precious heart!

I must scoot. (Try to be strong.) MSH and I plan to watch the Big College Game between Clemson and Alabama that will be on the telly soon. We’re for Clemson. We have no reason on this Earth to be for them. We just are. (In the end, if it’s a good game and everyone played nice and fair, we’ll actually be happy for either team. That’s kind of the way we roll when we don’t have dogs in the hunt.)

Hope Y’all are not sick. It ain't fun.

Hugs! (Only hugs today—no smooches. I might be contagious…Winky. Wink.)