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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Silly Buddy Bear...

Last weekend, I walked outside to ask My Sweet Hubby (MSH) a question (he was grillin’…) and this is what I saw:

Oh, my, Teddy Buddy Boo Bear (TBBB): What ARE you doing?

MSH said he was checking for mice. Lovely. (Perhaps I've not really gone into the drama/sadness that was the disappearance of Morty last summer. I still cannot talk about it without crying. We've cussed and discussed, debated and pondered, at least once a week since that happened, as to whether or not to get another cat. More on that...later.) TBBB can hear the little Mickey creatures scurrying around under the kitchen/counter and feels it’s his job to assess the situation. Not really DO anything—just assess it. He apparently wants them all to understand he’s aware of their presence. That this country place and casa is HIS Kingdom. Don't really the mistake of believing they can mess with him.

He went back and forth between two openings for at least 30 minutes. MSH came inside—went back out—came back in—TBBB continued to do this. We finally talked him into coming back into the house.

As TLC calls MSH—and, occasionally, moi—TBBB is quite the Little Fruitcake.

(Am I upset that there might be many mice out there? Well, yes. I am. But this IS the country. There are lots of critters out there that disturb me—if I give it too much thought! As long as I don’t ever SEE a live little mouse—or rat—I can pretend they’re not a part of my life. It’s worked for me, mostly, since we moved out to the Wild. PLEASE PLEASE do NOT burst my bubble!)

As I type, I’m hoping each of you had a Wonderful Weekend—Wherever in the World Y’all are!

hugs and smooches, Dearest Friends…