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Wednesday, April 20, 2016 an Update...

This is my (albeit sad) news of  our little tree we’re trying to nurture and grow. If you didn’t read my post entitled The Hope Tree, on February 9th, and/or Second Stage Watch!, on February 15th, it might help you understand this story and my concern.

What The Hope Tree looks like today:

Yes. Not good. (My Sweet Hubby—MSH—will trim the weeds around it soon. It’s been super rainy here in North Central Texas for many days. Houston has had unbelievable flooding. Oh, Mother Nature...PLEASE get it together. We're grateful for every bit of rain we're blessed with. Flooding? Not so much.)

BacktoTheHopeTree: A couple of weeks after my second post, I thought we should transplant the little tree into the bigger pot. It was looking sickly. And not growing—at all. MSH and I were taking turns putting it outside in the sun and carting it around to all of the windows in our casa that had any kind of decent light whatsoever. MSH had found advice (Googled. Naturally.) that said this little tree should have six hours of sunlight a day. That wasn’t happening. Not because we weren’t trying, though!

Moving it around? Nope. Did not help. Then came the inevitable (yet semi-kind) accusations from MSH:

“We shouldn’t have been so quick to transfer it to the bigger pot. It probably needed more time to adjust to the smaller one. We got in a hurry. I think we made a mistake.”

Translation of “We:” YOU, ELC. You. Not me. He NEVER said “You.” Trust me...he was thinking it. He wanted to. He knew better. He totally understands how much this little tree means to me. It means a lot to him, too.

It was MSH's decision to go ahead and plant it outside. Wow. This was an ordeal. Trying to decide where to (lovingly) place it? Sheesh. It could grow 30 feet tall! After walking around, cussing and discussing possibilities, deciding, and un-deciding, we eventually chose a place near a beautiful pecan tree that came up voluntarily several years ago. (Mother Nature at her finest!) The chosen spot is halfway between that tree and our wellhouse. It's been in the ground for almost a month. It still looks sad. Very, very sad.

I suspect we may never understand what’s happening to our sweet little experiment. Clearly, we aren’t Tree Growers/Farmers/Experts. In fact, this is the only time in our lives together (39 years) we’ve ever grown a tree from an acorn we picked up on a grocery store parking lot. Or, for that matter, picked up anywhere. Sigh.

I shan’t give up! I respectfully ask God, every day, to help it hold on! To give us a sign as to what we could do—other than pray. I also ask My Nana Leighton to do something. Anything! It’s beyond important to me that this little tree live. I don’t know why. (Picture me getting all teary. Dangitall.)

Could I talk Y’all into taking a few seconds today to say this prayer on behalf of The Hope Tree?

Dear Lord God,

For some strange reason, ELC needs this little tree to thrive. Flourish. Grow. Please allow that to happen.


I realize there are many more important/serious things to pray about. I do. THANK YOU—from the bottom of my anxious heart.

I’ll keep you posted…promise.

grateful smooches and BIG hugs…