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Thursday, January 18, 2018


So I had a FUN idea for TLC and me to do this 2018 year! (Well, I think it’ll be fun. She was mostly enthusiastic when I approached her about it…)

On the 18th of each month, beginning today, we’ll do a LIST! Y’all know how much TLC loves her Lists. I’m not as “listy” as she is—but I don’t mind them. I explained to her that we must, MUST, MUST make sure we do this post on the 18th. Not the 19th. Not the 20th. Not the 28th. THE EIGHTEENTH. PERIOD. I’m doing the first one. She’ll do February. (The Best Laid Plans of ELC…SIGH…)

Preface: It is COLD IN TEXAS. Yes, we Texans understand it is COLD all over America. But we mostly do not do well with frigid, scary weather that also contains wind, sleet, snow and, of course, the HUGELY FRIGHTENING ICE.
Also, let me explain to Y’all my preferences—in terms of vacations. Mostly My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I prefer the mountains. Colorado. New Mexico. Wyoming. South Dakota. Montana. Even the beautiful mountains of Arkansas! I’m not exactly a beachy-type person. Something about sand getting literally everywhere.
HOWEVER, I have been to many SPECTACULAR Beach Places in my almost 64 years on this Earth. Therefore, on this January 18, 2018, I want to share with Y’all where I wish I was right this second—as opposed to where I am right this second (which is in my casa hiding from the UNBELIEVABLY cold air outside our door…SHIVER/SHIVER and YUCK):

Beaches I’ve visited and would travel to tonight—or tomorrow—at the latest:
1. Maui. My number place to Beach It. MSH and I have been lucky enough to have visited Maui four times in our almost 40 years of marriage. Each time we’ve been? We don’t want to come home. If we won a lottery? And I could fly? (Which, I can’t, because of the 100% deafness in my left ear but this is a “Let’s Pretend” thing…) I’d buy a beautiful home right on some exquisite beach in Maui. I’d go there in November and stay until April. Then I’d go back in July and stay until the end of September. Basically I guess I’m saying I’d live there about nine out of twelve months. Yes. Yes, I do think I would.
2. Destin/Seaside, Florida. We’ve only visited Destin/ Seaside once. For our 25th wedding anniversary. With TLC and a friend. We ALL fell in love with the entire area and honestly cannot believe we’ve not been able to go back. It’s truly one of my goals before I don’t know who I am (Due to aging…preferably not to anything else…).
3. St. John’s. TLC twisted my arm into going with her to St. Thomas about 11-ish years ago. It really was a great trip! (I was quite worried about traveling through the Bermuda Triangle. I decided, however, that if our plane disappeared forever? I’d be with my most favourite person on this Earth. And we’d miss MSH.) We took a boat to St. John’s for a few hours and knew, immediately, it the island we should have booked. STILL…St. Thomas was also lovely and we’ll always cherish this trip.
4. Carmel, California. The one time we’ve been (TLC was with us and was about 5 years old.) it was in October and, actually, quite nippy. In fact, we left Texas wearing and packing lots of shorts and went straight from the San Francisco airport to a department store to buy coats. Lordy. Anyway—we loved Carmel. Everything about it. I’d love to be there now. If it’s warm.
5. Anywhere around these charming Texas Beach Towns: Corpus Christi, Port Aransas and, most especially, Rockport. (BTW—I’m actually counting these are three separate places in my 18 because each is worthy of it’s very own visit!) Rockport had considerable damage done to it when the horrific hurricane hit that part of Texas—Houston, etc.—in August. But we’ve heard it’s coming back STRONG. The beaches are not as pretty as some in other states—but they are nice and these towns are full of charm. It’s actually probably too cold down there right now. I still want them to be a part of this 18!
6. Puerto Vallarta. I went there with one of my sisters and two of my best friends from college when TLC was five months old. MSH encouraged us to go. Even helped plan our trip and then cared for TLC. I was the size of a small whale and I missed TLC (and MSH…of course…) terribly. PV (as anyone who is ANYONE calls it) was extremely charming. We had laughs that went on forever. I think we believed we’d make it back someday. Never have.
7. Cozumel. We visited Cozumel with TLC and a friend to celebrate her graduation from high school. It rained the majority of the time we were there. But the resort was beautiful and I always thought I’d get back to see it in the sun!
8. Myrtle Beach. MSH and I went there with three other couples several years ago—before I went deaf in my left ear—and had a wonderful long weekend! The guys played golf for a couple of days and the gals shopped and shopped. Until we dropped. I’m determined to go back. (It may be cold there now. So my next visit would have to wait until Spring or Early Summer, I suppose. Darn.)
9. Amelia Island. Another town in Florida that I’ve visited three times and have loved. Fernandina Beach—in particular—is fabulous! (I do believe I remember it had hurricane damage and it may also be a bit cold at this time.) In my mind? I’m there. Feeling the warmth of the sun and the kindness of the people who live and work there!

Beaches I want to visit—now. Tonight:
I’ve never been to any of these and, honestly, I have a realistic fear I’ll not be able to go to most of them—as I’d more than likely have to fly. (I’m not too keen on a cruise ship or any other kind of boat  to reach some of these destinations. Sniffy. Sniff. I can dream…):
1. Cabo San Lucas. MSH has been twice. He really enjoyed it both times. I’ve had many friends that have been. I may have missed any opportunity I had. I’ll bet it’s warm there right now.
2. Any beach in Australia.
3. Any beach in New Zealand. (And I’m thinkin’ any boat trip from the California Coast to either Australia or New Zealand could take me weeks. Maybe months. Darn.)
4. The South of France. Specifically Monte Carlo. (That is in the South of France, right? TLC and MSH can testify that I am the worst person you’ll ever meet when it comes to geography.)
5. The newest island that has become a tourist’s dream in Hawaii. But I can’t remember the name.

(Now for three places I actually can get to by car/truck/train and do want to visit—tomorrow):
6. Gulf Shores, Mississippi. I’ve got a beaucoup of friends who have been there and absolutely love it. It’d take MSH and me less than an easy day of driving to get there. He’s still recovering from the flu. Tomorrow might be out of the question. And I’d have to check to see if it’s cold there, too, right now.
7. Okracoke, North Carolina. My brother and his family, when they lived near Atlanta, used to go there every summer. Adored it. I’ve always been fascinated by the name. Is it not seriously marvelous?
8. Nantucket. I have no doubt it is truly the fairytale land their Chamber of Commerce alleges it is. I believe them. Totally.
9. And while I’m up there? Martha’s Vineyard. MSH and I were very, very close to Martha’s Vineyard a few years back when we drove to Rhode Island. From Texas. Yes. Interesting trip. Sadly, we couldn’t find a day to visit the Vineyard. I’m ready now. Or maybe I should say I'll be ready in April. Or May?

Because I’m once again thinking 8 and 9 are too cold for me tomorrow. I WANT WARMTH. I NEED WARMTH. Trust me, when it’s 120 degrees in the shade in Texas in August? I will NOT be wishing it was cold like it’s been these past horrid weeks. Nope. That won’t be happening. Will I be complaining? Of course. It’s what we Texans do in August. (Actually, we start in July and sometimes June.) None of us will want to go back to this hideous time of unrelenting winter horror.

The First 18! In the books! Woo Hoo!
Have a FANTASTIC Friday, Friends…wherever in this World Y’all are! (If you’re at one of the above beaches and it’s warm and amazing? Well, count yourself blessed.)
Hugs and No Smooches (It’s too cold for smooches…)

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