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Saturday, January 6, 2018


So I told TLC I’d post Thursday evening. Then I said I’d post Friday. Now it’s Saturday morning. Close to noon. Not starting off our 2018 blog with flying colors, am I? Sheesh.


Here IS what I’ve already done right since January 1st:


1.     I learned how to use the “Power” button on our microwave! Y’all. This is BIG. H.U.G.E. We’ve had this dadgum microwave for 17 years. SEVENTEEN. And I could never, ever figure it out. (Yes. I was acting like a man—no offense to men—refusing to find and read the instructions .And, no. I never asked My Sweet Hubby—aka MSH. I don’t know why. No reason.) But I’ve been buying a Jimmy Dean breakfast muffin for 3-4 months that needs to be put in the micro for 90 seconds on 30 Power. I tried just taking one out of the freezer and adjusting the “regular” power and time—it simply did not work. I was persistent on January 2nd and VOILA: GOT. IT. DONE. Now I feel so…well… POWERFUL. Ha.

2.     I’ve begun 2018 forty-four point four (44.4) pounds lighter than this time last year! And I’ve already committed myself to staying on this FABULOUS Weight Watchers’ program hopefully for the rest of my life! This coming Thursday I’ll weigh at the Stephenville meeting for my official title of “Lifetime Member!” I’ll then get the program and MARVELOUS App FREE. I love anything FREE. Saving myself $45 per month. (Which I will soon transfer over to help pay the increase in my health insurance that has gone from $600 per month 4 years ago to $900 per month this year. Not to mention my $7250 deductible. Haven’t met a deductible in said four years. Haven’t even been close. There’s a good thing about that, though, right? It means I haven’t had to go to the ER or had a serious illness. I’m grateful for that. $18,000 grateful? Since that’s what I’d have to pay before this lovely insurance would cover a cent of anything medical in my life. I guess my answer is YES. I’m $18,000 grateful.)

3.     MSH and I have now kept Baby Elle (aka Belle) totally by herself at our country casa! For the very first time. Which has been a bit odd. Considering we always kept Little Leighton (aka LL aka Biscuit) by herself very frequently almost from the time she was around seven months old. It’s been different—with two TLC daughters. (Probably the biggest thing that has kept us from keeping Belle only is the fact that Princess LL has NOT WANTED HER TO COME by herself to our house. Winky. Wink.) With LL’s school schedule, birthdays, family events, holidays, other conflicts, etc., this past week was the first time we could get it all worked out. By the way: Biscuit was given three different opportunities to make the decision to come by herself FIRST this new year. Each time she opted for “Mama Time.” So there you go.  Biscuit then had a slight meltdown Tuesday morning when she realized that was the day we were meeting at a Hobby Lobby parking lot in Weatherford to make the “exchange,” taking Belle home with us ala carte. Teeheehee. (TLC and LL had 48 hours of quiet, peaceful, lovely “Mama and Biscuit Time!”) Everything here went GREAT. Well, Belle slept marvelously—naps and nighttime. She didn’t want to eat everything we fixed—but she ate enough. She certainly didn’t starve. And we couldn’t play outside because of the frigid cold weather we’re experiencing in North Central Texas. Other than those two small issues? MSH and I had a BLAST with Belle and can’t wait to get her again! (LL is next, naturally. If she can work us into her busy life, that is!)

Hope each of Y’all has begun a year of fun and/or important/helpful accomplishments! It feels good to moi to have conquered a few small to big goals.

Have a Sweet Saturday—wherever in this World Y’all are!



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