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Sunday, February 18, 2018

18--vol 2...

So here, now, is my second post celebrating the number eighteen (18!)—in honor of 2018!

When beginning to decide what I might post—I almost immediately thought of February as being TLC’s birth month. Then my mind wandered to my unconditional love for my one and only, truly TREMENDOUS child/daughter.

For 34 years, I’ve loved these 18 things about TLC (There are actually 1800—but I won’t force y’all to read that many!):


  1. Her heart.
  2. Her soul.
  3. Her mind. (This gal? She is some kind of brainy woman. Seriously SMART.)
  4. Her beauty. Of course I think she’s beautiful. She’s my daughter. A tee-nine-y smidge under My Sweet Husband (aka MSH) as the BEST gift I’ve ever received from My Dear Lord God Almighty. HOWEVER, she IS also beautiful. Pretty. Striking. Lovely. Period. End of Story.)
  5. Her humor! She and MSH make me laugh harder, longer, and louder than anyone else on this Earth.
  6. Speaking of laughter: The way she laughs! It is adorable. Infectious. CrAzY CUTE. (Well, when it’s sincere. When it’s a fake laugh? Yeah…not so much. She fake laughs in response to me way too often for my liking. Toot.)
  7. Her brown eyes. They’re almost as dark as her Dad’s.
  8. Her pretty hands.
  9. Her cooking skills! She is a FABULOUS At-Home Chef. No kidding.
  10. Her memory! This Girl can remember A LOT. (She would tell you she’s not good at remembering anything. At all. Ever. Because she has Two Littles that have filled her head with confusion and exhaustion and nonsense.) Here’s where I always know she’s still got it: When she sings! Yes. It’s mostly Little Leighton’s and Baby Elle’s songs on her phone. For at least about 80% of the time? This singing takes place in her car. While traveling from home to school, errands, church, etc. She knows every word to every song—Disney or Pixar ETC.—that I hear her sing. She can rap with the best of them. She craves all kinds of music. Including My Country and Old-Timey Christian.
  11. TLC’s singing voice! She sings marvelously! I’m sure she’ll laugh at this. She shouldn’t. It’s. The. Gospel.
  12. Her ability to get around the Internet, specifically: Her iPhone. Apps. Google. Blogs. Shopping cites. This Daughter O’ Mine is FAST. Tres SPEEDY. She amazes me and her Dad every day with this talent. I realize most of Y’all that are Millennials—or younger—have this handy talent, too. Trust me: TLC is Lightning McLeighton! I'd sponsor her in a contest.
  13. Her good taste! In home decorating. In fashion. (She literally CRAVES clothes, shoes and purses. Much more than I ever have or did or will do. Not sure where she got that gift/problem! Not from moi.) She does her best to keep these obsessions in check. Her Wish List on Pinterest? I’m bettin’ it’s quite lengthy.
  14. Her kindness. This should NOT be so far down on this list. (If I didn’t have to figure out how to re-number, it would be higher. No. 4.) She is kind. To everyone. (Mostly. Now, don’t get me wrong. If you upset her--particularly about her children? Yikes. Watch out. I’m going to have to feel sorry for you. You could get some of the looks I've gotten over the years. Sheesh.)
  15. Her devotion. To those she loves. It might take her time to trust you. Once she does? You’ll have to go too far in the wrong direction for her to give up on you. This devotion leads me to…
  16. Her ability to move on. Up. FORWARD.
  17. She’s strong. She doesn’t always believe this. She is. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. She is her Mom and Dad’s ROCK. Like every human being? She has moments. Hours. A day or two every now and then when she’s simply worn down trying to do what she must do for her children. Her family. She gets it in perspective much faster than I ever have/do.
  18. Last, yet this should have been FIRST: TLC LOVES her God. And Jesus Christ, her SAVIOR. Her faith is steady. Devout. She treasures her new Church and can never say enough wonderful things about her Bible Study Friends/Sisters!

TLC? A Christian. My daughter. A wife. Mother. Sister. Niece. Cousin. Aunt. Granddaughter. Friend. An Earth Angel. Yes. I am biased. PROUD, but biased. (Won’t apologize, either. Can’t…)

I have loved you from the second I knew you were in me, TLC. To the MOON and back. A bushel and peck. With all of my heart.


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