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Thursday, February 8, 2018

temporary relief and duck joy...

So the offer/deal/negotiations for the purchase of our home didn’t materialize. My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I are completely at peace with this. In fact, I’d say we’re actually relieved. For many, MANY reasons. Thy Will Be Done. This is where we are in our faith: It will happen when it’s supposed to happen.

This past weekend was heavenly for us! We picked up Little Leighton (aka LL) and Baby Elle (aka Belle) from TLC at our halfway point—Willow Park—on Friday afternoon. Except for the fact that it stayed SOOO COLD and windy and yucky outside, we had a lovely visit. Both Angels slept great both nights! Both played and played and…PLAYED.

We made our traditional Trip to Town for some frozen (gluten-free!) yogurt on Saturday afternoon. PLUS—we took them to a truly cute boutique to let them pick out birthday gifts for TLC! MSH was a wreck the entire time we were in the shop—as there were lots of breakable “pretties” and Belle was determined to roam free! She didn’t destroy even one itty-bitty thing. I found and showed Little Leighton some sweet necklaces I thought her Mom would adore. One said “brave” on it. (All little letters. We love all little letters.) LL looked at me and said: “Grammy, could I have that?” WTHeck was a Grammy to do? Of course she could have it. I asked a salesgal if there was another one somewhere—after I'd searched through about 20 others. I thought it would be fun if Mom and LL both had the same necklace. Alas, no such luck. LL picked out a pretty pair of earrings instead. (TLC got a good laugh out of the story. Needless to say, she wasn't surprised. Little Leighton craves jewelry. Clothes. Shoes. She is her Mama's daughter.)

When we got back to our country casa, LL spent quite a long time decorating her Mom’s two gift sacks. (Belle had been steered to a yummy candle for her Mama. Mama truly treasures candles.) Sunday afternoon, after Belle woke up from her nap, we made the 45-minute trip to our rendezvous spot. Mom and Dad were together to pick up Our Precious Princesses. We missed them the very second they all headed East. Sigh.

This coming Saturday morn, I head East to see my college friends/sisters! Will spend Saturday night staying up way too late for Senior Citizens and then will come back home Sunday afternoon. In the Summer of 2016, we intended to make this an annual event/Reunion. Unfortunately, we missed 2017. Woo Hoo! 2018 is happening!

I hope each of Y’all have a Wonderful Weekend…Wherever in this World You Are!

Hugs and Smooches!

p.s.: Once again I’d like to reference a post I did years and years ago about ducks on our front tank! See Duck…Duck…on December 17, 2011. (I still don’t know how to link. Sorry. Maybe I’ll learn before I’m 70. It's actually TLC's fault for not taking time to teach me.) For several years since that time, we’ve seen very few ducks. Those few we have seen have not hung around for more than a day or two. And we’ve never had as many show up as we did at that time. BUT we’ve had about ten ducks swimming around several times during the day for at least a week now! LL got to see a few of them. (Belle couldn’t see them from her side of my car. We’d have turned around and tried to fix that for her—but they flew off…Sigh.) The ducks have filled my heart with JOY!

p.p.s.: I’ve been thinking about the birth of TLC for many days. It is tied with my wedding day to MSH as the BEST day of my life. Gotta scoot…now I’m crying…

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