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Friday, March 23, 2018











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This. Week. Full of FUN. Driving/Traveling/Family. I. Am. Pooped. (Tomorrow morn? One more car-trippin’ day to see Little Leighton play in her second-ever soccer game!)

So Sunday was Baby Elle’s 2nd Birthday Celebration! At a lovely park near TLC’s casa. A small group of family. Baby Elle? Not sure she really had much of a clue what was actually happening. She does adore her swings and slides and cupcakes/frosting/sugar/sprinkles!

My Sweet Hubby (MSH) headed home before I did. He left from the park. I rode with my sister, Ginny (I have two sisters. I’m the oldest. Ginny is in the middle. Lucy is the youngest. We have a brother, J.D., that comes right after moi in our Birth Order.), to TLC’s casa to watch Baby Elle open her gifts. Ginny and I left around 5:00, deciding we’d stop for a little bit o’dinner on the way to mi country casa.

Sadly, the restaurant I suggested we go to didn’t happen. I’ve passed it 100 times—or more—since it was built. Which was about two years ago. But I’ve never had to figure out what exit to take off the freeway. We missed it.(After getting off twice because I thought we were at the right place.) My next idea was to go to a restaurant in Weatherford. (Where we got a basket of fried green beans! And fried corn nuggets! With ranch dressing. We were very, very bad.)

After also consuming two quite large grilled chicken salads, we headed west—and then south—to get to my house and get comfy. Jammies were calling our names.

Ginny was going to stay with us two nights. On Monday, we were going to Hico for shopping and lunch.

GLITCH! TLC texted me as Ginny and I recapped the day and before we drug semi-old bodies to bed that LL’s soccer practice was going to be changed to Monday or Friday—from Tuesday. The coach was going to have to be out of town on Tuesday. She picked Friday—when she knew Her Hubby (HH) would be home and she could keep Baby Elle  while LL ran and ran. And ran. (I was actually going back on Tuesday afternoon—to stay with Baby Elle before the practice was changed.) Because HH was leaving early to go out of town, TLC hinted she’d love for Ginny and I to come back to her house to spend Monday night and take care of Baby Elle while she took LL to practice 

We agreed. It was just above and beyond kind of Ginny. She takes care of her four granddaughters—one or two or three or all four at a time—dang near 5 out of 7 days a week. So this little short trip was to be for BIG PEEPS ONLY.

We got back to TLC’s at 2:00ish. As it turned out? Soccer practice was pushed to late this afternoon. Therefore, Ginny and I got to play and read and laugh with LL and Baby Elle Monday afternoon and evening. Have dinner with them. Help put them to bed. We stayed up WAY TOO LATE chatting with TLC that night. (At midnight, I screamed: IT’S MIDNIGHT! We have GOT TO GET TO BED!)

Tuesday morn, Ginny headed by 8:30am to her home (Wichita Falls) and I stayed at TLC’s until 1:00pm. Ish.

Wednesday, MSH and I got up early and headed to Waco! We’d been invited to see the FABULOUS new home Autumn and Hubby had just completed. It’d taken over a year for it to be finished. Y’all—I told her mucho many times in about three hours: “You could take JoJo and Chip’s place on Fixer Upper!” Autumn is BEYOND talented, gifted, creative. BEYOND. Her new casa has the most amazing floor plan and exquisite details. Every inch was thought out painstakingly by Autumn and built with pride. It is BEAUTIFUL. It should seriously be in a magazine.  

After our “tour,” we followed them to TSTC—a tech college a few miles from their home. They have a Chef/Restaurant School! We had lunch in an elegant dining room—staffed by students. Ate a 5-star meal prepared by…yep…students! It was FANTASTIC. Priced VERY reasonably. Quite memorable. MSH and I are determined to go back asap.

MSH and I said goodbye to our dear and long-time cherished friends and headed north. On our way, we did exit off 35 (HELL HIGHWAY...pure HELL...pardon my French) for downtown Waco to see The Magnolia Silos. We decided not to get out and browse on this trip. (We needed to get Bubby Bear out of boarding before our Vet closed and he got more depressed.) I’m not sure I can get MSH back to The Silos. I will definitely strive to make another trip to see what kind of shopping damage I can do. (I also must have one of Jo’s famous cupcakes. Period.)

Yesterday, MSH and I had to make a journey to one of our doctors in Ft. Worth. For MSH. He was prepared for a procedure that would require stitches and a return visit in ten days. HAPPY NEWS! No stitches required. Procedure was a fast success.

We had lunch. We got my Highlander detailed. We shopped for a bit at the nearby Costco. We were home by 3:30 and I was in my jammies and a mild coma on our davenport by 4:00!

Today we went to Granbury! Apparently, we didn’t think we should give our vehicles—or ourselves—a day off. I went to a new salon for a delightful pedi while MSH did our grocery shopping! What could be better??? Nothing. Well, okay. Maybe a JoJo cupcake.

I’ve been piddlin’ since we got home about 1:30. Tomorrow morning we leave—AGAIN—EARLY—for LL’s soccer game! We’ll pick up my mom and baby sister (Lucy), watch the game, go back for my dad, and have lunch at a place they enjoy and that MSH and I have never been to. We’ve heard it’ll be a delicious experience. We should be home by 3:00. I’ll be on the davenport, once again, by 3:05.

Sunday will TRULY be A Day of Rest for this Grammy…

Hope Y’all are EXCITED it’s Fri-Yay! And that your weekend is full of (safe!) shenanigans!

Hugs and Smooches,



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