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Friday, March 9, 2018

it's a small world...

TLC WILL BE BACK! Someday. Hopefully next Tuesday. Right, TLC? (Repeat after me, TLC: Yes, Mom. I will post on Tuesday. Cross my heart.)

Meantime? Y’all have moi. Again.

So y’all know we have our place for sale. (It doesn’t matter how many times I type this or talk about it: IT. IS. DEVASTATING. If ONLY I could win the Powerball. I’d hire someone to live in our very cute—just the truth—many people confirm this—Barn Apartment/Guest Cottage to be here every day to keep an eye on it and feed and take care of Hunter the Cat and I’d buy an exquisite lakehouse somewhere near TLC and Her Little Princesses. I’d buy My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and Buddy Boo Bear (aka BBB) a $300,000 motor home. PLUS, I’d hire someone to drive them anywhere they wanted to go! Then we’d come back to Our Country Casa every 2-3 weeks and take in all of the beauty.

Until I win that Powerball? Our Country Casa is for sale. DAMMITALL.

Speaking of Buddy Boo Bear: As y’all may remember, we adopted him. Eight years ago. His owner’s Mom said he was 4 years old. We think he was actually 5. We hoped he’d be mostly an outdoor dog—coming in when it was super cold or super hot. No such luck. He had his own recliner at his previous owner’s home. After his (HORRID) heartworm treatment (Yes. He had heartworm. It cost us a small fortune to have him treated, but our Vet said he knew he’d be okay because he was a strong dog. He’s been healthy ever since. Well, he has to take thyroid meds. And he’s a bit overweight. And he has acid reflux. Still—he’s 90% healthy! Especially for a dog his age.), we had to put books on our couch and beds so he wouldn’t jump up on them. He stopped. He has been a fixture in our master bedroom ever since. (I listen to MSH and BBB BOTH snore. It’s great! Winky. Wink.)

When we’re about to show our casa and place? We must leave BBB OUTSIDE or in our garage.  While we clean and vacuum. To be honest? He is the reason we must vacuum our home every other day. Truthfully? We could do it morning and night. (We is old. We simply don’t have that kind of energy.) God love and bless him.

When he’s outside? This is what he does. He goes from window. To door. To window. Looking pathetic. Semi-frantic. It is quite sad. Hunter the Cat? Couldn’t be happier when BBB has to stay outside for a couple of hours. Follows him everywhere. Hunter loves BBB. BBB tolerates Hunter.

Yesterday morning, while we were waiting for a local realtor to get to our casa with her prospective buyers, I was checking each room. It hit me. I’ve taken THOUSANDS of pictures in 18 years in and around our casa. But I’d never taken close ups of things I truly love and will desperately miss. My vanity:

It’s not fancy marble. The sink probably should be replaced. I TREASURE my vanity chair and the fact I can sit at my makeup mirror to put on my “face-for-the-world” every day. (TLC has a vanity chair now and can sit to do her makeup! That was a BIG thing for her in her third house since she got married.)

This is what I look at as I do my makeup. Every day. Every week. Every month. Every year. (I’ve changed out the flowers a couple of times. When they’re on sale at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and when they’re “sticky” from my oodles and gobs of hairspray.) I will desperately miss my bathroom.

This is our fireplace. I do have hundreds of pictures of our fireplace. 99% of said pictures have people in them. (I wouldn’t take $300,000 for those pictures, either. They are full of people I adore.) The mantle? Made from a tree that was on our place when we bought it. Crud. Now I have to stop for a tidbit to wipe away my tears. Sigh.

This pot o’ pansies? They’re right out our front door. MSH potted them for me five months ago. We truly forget to water them. They make me smile. (And remind me of My Nana. She loved pansies!)

The couple that came? Let me just say this: It is a SMALL world. Turned out we know her sister! VERY. WELL. I met her over 40 years ago. IN FACT, I met this woman at a baby shower for her sister! They loved our place. (Y’all would to. It might not be what you needed or wanted. Still…you would love it. Our view would ROCK your WORLD. Trust me on this.)

Who knows if they’ll submit a contract? I don’t. God knows. I don't. MSH and I stay in peace throughout this process. Thy Will Be Done. (Also, our casa stays mostly clean. Which is lovely.)

Y’all have a WONDERFUL Weekend—Wherever in this World Y’all are! (Look around Your World and focus on all of the things that make your heart happy!)



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