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Sunday, December 30, 2018

some assembly required...

And we continue to unpack boxes. Search for things we just know are here—somewhere. Encourage each other to be patient with this process!

My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) wants so very much to get in his truck in our garage. Even if we got rid of everything that’s still in there, I don’t see it happening. The first time we have the threat of hail? Or it actually hails? Well, I can’t let my mind go there. Not yet. MSH will need lots of wine. 

Then there’s Buddy Boo Bear. He’s still trying to figure out what the heck has happened to his previous life/schedule. God love and bless his precious canine heart. 

So some WONDERFUL things that have happened to us because of this HUGE transition?

        1.      Being so close to TLC, Her Hubby, Little Leighton and Baby Elle. It is FANTASTIC.
        2.      Being so close to grocery stores! Target. Walmart. Cafes/restaurants. Chick-fil-A! 
        3.      Having a home we love that is much easier to care for! 

Here are a few more pictures from Our New Journey:

MSH has put together 3 barstools, two small stools and a cute little end table. He’s requested no more furniture that has to be assembled. 

One of the MOST AWESOME things about being 15 minutes from TLC and Her Gang? When they get out early in the evening on Christmas Eve Eve, they can drop some homemade and iced (by Little Leighton and Baby Elle) gingerbread cookies on your front porch! Then text and tell us we have a surprise at the door! They. Were. DELICIOUS.

Little Leighton (getting excited about New Year’s Eve and Day) and Baby Elle can come spend a few hours with us while their Mom goes grocery etc. shopping! Lunch. Legos. Laughter!

Then there’s Buddy Bear’s new place to nap. Our master closet. We’ve decided to simply take deep breaths as we step over—and around—him. Sigh. 

2019—here we come! 

Big Hugs on this chilly but lovely Sunday!


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