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Sunday, December 23, 2018

where's the garage?

Clearly this month has been a challenge. We actually moved to our new home on Saturday, December 8th. It was a very cold (for Texas) and rainy day. We had 3 very cute and sweet fellas moving us. Two trucks. It was one of the longest—and physically hardest—days of our lives. 

The good thing? We had no time to cry. About leaving our beautiful country casa and place. 

Once we got to our new home—utter chaos ensued. Naturally. That was two weeks ago yesterday. (We still are searching for IMPORTANT things we need. Sigh.)

As our Mover Guys were about to leave, we all started smelling gas. 

By the way: My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I haven’t had gas in a home since we lived with our parents. Long, LONG AGO. 

The Head Mover Fella (who is also a fireman) thought we should ask the Fire Department to come check us out. Before we went to bed that night. (It was 7:00 pm—and dark—at this point.) I drove to the station. 2 minutes away. I rang their doorbell and waited for 3 firemen to answer. Then I explained:

We’ve just moved to our neighborhood. Today. We have a gas smell in our home. We’d love it if you didn’t come with your sirens on. Because...well, we’re new to the neighborhood. 

They came. (Only with their truck lights on. No sirens.) They checked. We were good. 

The next day—Sunday—my sister met me at our country casa. She got all of our clothes. I worked on what was still left in our master bedroom and bathroom. We got back to our new house around 2:30 pm. This is what MSH said at least 50 times in 5 hours:

Where’s the garage?

Y’all, I’d understand if we’d moved into a large castle. Or even a mini-mansion. This new-to-us home is 2500 square feet. (I think he knows where all 9 rooms and the garage are now. I think.)

Our last and final day at our country casa was on Thursday, Dec. 13th. MSH and I went together in his truck with vacuums and cleaning supplies. We took Buddy he’s been quite stressed out by our move and we’d be gone at least 6 hours. I took these two pictures as we were about to walk out our back door for the last time and head down our “ex” hill. (We cried all the way down. It’s so hard for me to see MSH cry. In fact, I can’t stand it. It makes me cry even more...)


The most annoying thing of all? When you set this sucker down near any kind of plastic. It comes alive and reaches out to said plastic. Attaching itself and making the person using the tape dispenser utterly and beyond cRaZy. 

We moved alot of things here—PAID to have them brought to this new-to-us casa that we cannot keep. No room. (No children or grandchildren want 98% of these things.) We now have a SECOND storage unit. Three minutes from our new casa. Here is what we took to that unit last Wednesday:

85% of this? It will eventually be donated to The Salvation Army. 

(More SIGHS...)

The Moving Saga Continues...stay tuned...

On behalf of TLC, Little Leighton, Baby Elle, myself and MSH, we want to wish Y’all a...


Be good...Santa’s watching and he’s almost here...WOW...

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