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Tuesday, January 15, 2019


So our new casa is slowly coming together! At this point, we have 80% of all rooms—EXCEPT the office/library (It, sadly, is still a “storage” area full of boxes and “stuff.” What’s so bad about that? It’s at the front of our home. When you walk in the front door, it’s to your immediate left. To the right is our “formal-but-not-at-all-formal-for-us” dining room.)—finished. 

The Little Princesses’ Room (aka the room any family member/friend/guest might prefer if they don’t mind a twin bed and want a TV!):

(I’m waiting on a canvas of My Sweet Hubby—aka MSH—and TLC when she was about eighteen months old. They’re walking on the beach in Galveston. It is the SWEETEST picture. Ever. When TLC was working on the “gallery” wall for me, I thought of it as the perfect addition.)

Guest Room #Deux:

I’m about to change it around a bit. Taking a desk out. Putting a black table that was previously in our country casa’s master bedroom in its place. (Both my Sissies are ready to come spend the night! And the baby lives 10 minutes from us. That cracks me up. She knows we’ll take GOOD care of her.)

This is our Master!

We love it! It’s very similar to our Master in the country casa. But we are diggin’ our cozy cubby where we read and watch TV. We’ve had to buy a TV, console, storage bench—from Target on-line!—and that small leather chair for MSH. I’m also still trying to decide what pictures to hang where. I have a few left that are in our storage unit in Weatherford. (Said unit’s contents are being transferred to a new unit we’ve rented close to this home on Thursday. I can’t even remember what framed pictures I have in that unit. I’m gettin’ kinda excited to see what they are! And a bit worried about my memory...)

Baby Elle gets to come see Grammy and Pa-Pa (while Little Leighton is in school) a couple of times a week. (Sshhhh...don’t tell Little Leighton...) Grammy treasures this time! Baby Elle NEEDS snacks. Alot of them. Like something every hour. (She’s also potty-trained! YIPPEE and WOO HOO! But she still thinks her Reward M&Ms are necessary. I don’t blame her. I need one or two every hour-ish, too. Winky. Wink.) A go-to snack for both Baby Elle and Little Leighton is pretzels. Gluten-free, of course. Snyder’s? Delish. Trader Joe’s? Delish. Aldi’s? DELISH. Glutino’s? Yep—also delish. I adore how Baby Elle shyly asks for these delightful little treats:

“Pa-wetzels, Grammy? You have pa-wetzels?”

Yes, Baby Elle. Grammy will always have your pa-wetzels.

Here’s hoping it’s about time for Y’all to have your hourly snack...


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