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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

tiaras, cow checks and new years...

One month ago yesterday, My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and I left our past life behind and moved into our new home.

This home pretty much remains in chaos. This home still has at least 10 BIG boxes to unpack. Not to mention MSH and I are currently the renters of TWO storage units. A 10X10 unit 25 miles from here. And a 10X20 unit 2.5 minutes from here. (These units STRESS MSH immensely. IMMENSELY.) AND not to mention three closets in this casa that MUST be dealt with/organized asap. (Wait—I need to make that 2 1/2. MSH’s side of our master closet is PERFECTION. Mine? Nope. Not. At. All.) This home I’m getting very used to. This home I already love.

On New Year’s Day morning, after Little Leighton (aka LL) and Baby Elle (aka Belle) spent their first night at Grammy and Pa-Pa’s new-to-them-and-us home, I giggled at LL finding her “tiara” from the night before, putting it on and wearing it proudly until her parents picked her up. After we had breakfast, I was sitting on the floor in “their” room, talking about the things we could do until TLC and Her Hubby came to pick them up—sometime mid-afternoon—when Pa-Pa walked in. 

Background: As alot of Y’all may remember, from the time LL could begin to understand what a cow was (14-ish months), and almost every single visit she ever made to our country casa from that time until about 7 weeks ago, Pa-Pa would take her, typically around 9:30 a.m., on his Ranger to “check the cows.” If she was there one night only, it would happen once. If she was there two nights, it’d happen at least twice. Etc. Etc. Etc. (She went BEAUCOUPS of times.) Often this would be the time when Grammy would get dressed for the day. 

Belle never had as many opportunities to visit our country casa (because of LL’s pre-school and kindergarten schedule) as LL had. She did get to see five Mama cows and their calves in the past year of her little life. 

So there we were, LL, Belle and me, sitting on their bedroom floor about 9:30 New Year’s Day morn, when Pa-Pa walked in and said: Grammy, you can go get dressed now!

Belle looked at him for a few seconds and then asked me: Grammy, are we going to see the cows?

God love her. I don’t know how long it’ll take this precious almost-3-year-old to understand there will be no more cow-checking on the Ranger we, of course, no longer own. I attempted to gently explain to her we don’t live in the country with the Mama cows any more. She just looked at me and said okay. 

Belle watching her favourite show (Daniel Tiger) in her favourite socks!

Less than 20 minutes later, LL came looking for me, finding me in our bathroom. I was throwing my jammies into our built-in clothes’ hamper. (We had one at our country casa, too. I grew up with them and was always surprised when I was in a bathroom that didn’t have one.) TLC has not had one in her last two homes. LL said: Grammy do all of your houses have those clothes’ things?

I smiled and told her my last three houses, including this new one, did have them. As a matter of fact. She sighed and said she wished she had a clothes’ thing. 

Although chaos describes the state of our home, it’s not my entire life at this point. Seeing My Three Girls every day or two? Makes my heart so completely HAPPY. Three minutes to our grocery store and four to Target? Makes for a little touch of HEAVEN to my new routine.

Today I wish each of you days filled with smiles, peace, and special memories. 


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