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Saturday, January 11, 2020


So I’m not sure how it’s become January 10th. Sheesh.

The past week has been a rollercoaster for me and My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH).

I’ve been trying since December 30th to get a date for my hip replacement surgery. A very nice PA told me, on December 6th, it could/should/would be in January.

In the span of eight days, I ended up leaving three messages on the Surgery Scheduler’s voicemail and writing two portal messages to my doctor. I missed two calls from the Scheduler woman. Because (1) I never expected her to call me at 5:35 one evening and my ringer got turned off and (2) I left my phone on a chair for literally four minutes while I used a friend’s powder room. Four. Minutes.

Many tears have been shed by this old lady since the first of this new year. Tears of complete frustration and stress. And, Y’all...I am in HORRID pain. I’m not exaggerating.

This past Wednesday morning, I gave up. I decided to accept my fate and find peace with the possibility it could even be in March.

That afternoon—at 2:00—while I sat on TLC’s pretty double (comfy cozy) great room chair, with Belle, I got a call from my doctor’s office. It was the Scheduler! “They’d” figured it all out and I could have the surgery Wednesday. January 15th. In FIVE DAYS.


I’ve been pre-admitted to the hospital. I have a big folder of instructions to read and a video to watch tomorrow afternoon. I have a doctor’s appointment Monday. I’ve got my (chic) wardrobe picked out!

Now...I could use some prayers. If Y’all don’t mind and have a minute or two.

(I’ll try to remind TLC she’s up next in a few days! If I forget, I’ll be back...soon...)

Happy New Week, Friends!!! Be patient. Have hope. Be optimistic. Give it ALL to Dear God Almighty and/or ask Jesus to TAKE the WHEEL!

It’ll all be okay. It’ll all work out. Believe it. (Believe more than I did! Sigh...)


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