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Friday, January 24, 2020


I have a new hip! I’ve not been the “patient” I expected to be. Many people that have had this surgery had shared with me how “wonderful” it was and that I’d have regrets I’d not done it sooner. I apparently thought the moment I woke up from anesthesia and surgery I’d be healed and rarin’ to go. Not so much.

I’d had two hip injections at the hospital where my replacement took place. So I was confident it would be top notch/first class. It didn’t disappoint me. The nurses and staff were all beyond magnificent! I checked in at 12:30 noon a week ago this past Wednesday. I stopped remembering anything at about 3:10 when the anesthetist started putting me to sleep. I have about one minute of memory in Recovery. At 6:30, I was in a room and looking at My Sweet Hubby (aka MSH) and TLC.

MSH told me what the doctor had explained to them at the end of my surgery. I insisted MSH go home to check on Sweet Buddy Bear at 7:00. He needed rest and sleep. He’s 75. It’d been a long day. TLC was staying a bit longer. But I couldn’t stay awake so I insisted she, too, go home at 8:00. The rest of the night? I remember nothing until a respiratory therapist woke me up to breathe into a little machine thingy at 4:30 Thursday morn.

My doctor came by to see me at 6:00. He told me I should be able to go home later that day. MSH and TLC both came back around 9:30. The day was filled with a couple of pretty-good meals. Physical Therapy. Help from the awesome nurses. Hospital “stuff.”

MSH and I were able to head home at 4:30! From the moment I arrived at my casa until this morning, it’s been hard. Happy. Hopeful. Nice. Not so nice. Emotional. Frustrating. Good. And tough. FANTASTIC. All of that. And more.

I’ve had two visits from a SWEET Home Health Nurse. Three from a Physical Therapist. (He was my PT for almost three months last summer! That’s been a nice surprise.) I’ve tried to drink lots o’ water. Do my exercises. Not snack or eat too much. Get up and move around as much as possible.

I had to take myself off the prescribed pain medication last Saturday morning. It was causing me extremely scary side effects. Extra Strength Tylenol has been all I’ve had. Not quite enough but, well, my only choice.

I’m not sleeping great. I can’t bend over past a 90-degree bend at my waist for any reason. (Just be aware of how often you do this every day. It’s quite alot. I have a “grabber” to help me retrieve things I’ve dropped/I need.) I took my first shower a week after surgery. (That was heavenly.) I’m sore and stiff and must use a walker, of course, everywhere I go in our house. I’ve cried. Probably too much.

But through this whole experience, MSH has been his usual AMAZING self. My ROCK. He’s been my Nurse/Caregiver. He’s fixed every meal for me. He’s done our laundry and errands. He’s encouraged me and listened to me whine. He’s my Forever Hero.

TLC? She’s also been FANTASTIC/wonderful. She’s helped me AND her Dad. I’ve seen Little Leighton and Belle several times and they have been ANGELS.

However, TLC is using this opportunity to purge two of our closets. She loves to organize! (I call her Kanga. From Winnie the Pooh.) She also enjoys—a teensy bit too much—throwing and/or giving away ALOT of things she deems unnecessary. She. Is. Ruthless. I’m mostly thrilled she’s willing to help me. (She needs to do this purging/organizing thing for a living. I’m worried, though, she’d melt down when confronted with TRUE hoarders.)

So I’m 95% grateful. 5% fearful. Grateful for her willingness, time and energy. Fearful she’ll throw out something IMPORTANT. Important to ME. She’s coming today with Belle to continue her efforts. I’m determined to keep an eagle eye on her when I can. She’s lightning fast. I’ll have some trouble monitoring her. Now that I’m basically a sloth. Have I told you how much I love her? More. Than. Life. Itself.

Deep down in my very soul, I’m deeply appreciative of my doctor and all the nurses that have given me the opportunity to be out of immense, 24/7 pain. I cherish MSH and TLC and My Little Princesses. I’m beyond blessed to have caring family and FABULOUS friends who have prayed for and encouraged me.

Recovery and healing will take longer than I expected. I CAN do this! I’ll pray I don’t have to go through this fun ever again. Winky. Wink.

Happy Friday! Be safe. Be happy. Be healthy and strong. Be KIND. (Take care of your body/joints. They’re apparently important.)


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